Revision history for Perl extension GitLab::API::v3.

1.02 2017-12-09

 - Deprecated.

1.01 2017-12-09

 - Add a very simple retries argument for retrying a request when a 5xx response is
   received. @jjatria
 - Support user snippets. @d5ve
 - Disable deserialisation when dealing with non-serialized data. @jjatria
 - Add support for login in with user credentials. @jjatria
 - Allow protect_branch to accept parameters.
 - Add share_project_with_group and delete_shared_project_link_within_group
   methods. @sotola
 - Change CONTRIBUTORS section to show the commit author rather than a link
   to their GitHub profile.

1.00 2016-06-23

 - Move tag methods into their own section and add the tag, delete_tag,
   create_release, and update_release methods.
 - Fixup params handling so that they don't eat up proceeding arguments.
 - Re-ordered POD sections so its in the same order as the source GitLab API docs.
 - Add methods for award emoji, keys, licenses, namespaces, settings, sidekiq,
   build triggers, build variables, builds, and runners.

0.09 2016-06-22

 - Added the group_projects method. @trunov-ms
 - Switch from Log::Any::Adapter::ScreenColoredLevel to
   Log::Any::Adapter::Screen. @nfg
 - Modify the user() method to return the user data (...).
 - Renamed the raw_snippet method to snippet_content.  Note that the raw_snippet
   method still exists but now issues a deprecation warning and will be removed
   in the future.
 - Added the search_groups, edit_group_member, milestone_issues, edit_project, and
   edit_note methods.
 - The owned_projects, all_projects, project_members, and milestones methods now
   accept parameters.

0.08      2015-01-16

 - Remove project_members and group_members parameters. @dotandimet

0.07      2014-12-11

 - Fix Gitopt::Long typo preventing installation. @dotandimet
 - Fix references to Net::GitLab which should be Net::Gitlab.

0.06      2014-11-29

 - CLI client, gitlab-api-v3.
 - Replace "@" in POD with "E<64>" to bypass older Perl issues.
 - Include GitLab error messages in failed requests.
 - Fix visilibity constants naming to match our conventions.
 - Modify create_project() to return the project hash ref.

0.05      2014-11-19

 - Added GitLab::API::v3::Paginator.
 - Modify group_members() to support \%params so that page and per_page may be passed.

0.04      2014-11-18

 - Reorganize section headers and add direct links to GitLab's documentation for each.
 - Adjust abstract.
 - Add documentation about project IDs and return values.
 - Other documentation tweaks.

0.03      2014-11-18

 - Point the user at the Constants module from the main docs.
 - Add a CONTRIBUTING section to the docs describing how is generated.
 - Add an author/README.pod to explain how the module generation works.
 - Add an EXCEPTIONS section to the docs explaing how exception handling it done.
 - Log stuff using Log::Any.
 - Added a SEE ALSO section with reference to Net::Gitlab.

0.02      2014-11-18

 - Implement the entire API (wew!).

0.01      2014-11-16

 - First release.