Revision history for Perl module Google::SAML::Response

0.14 2014-08-16T21:31:59Z
    - This distribution is now Minilla-managed. No code changes

0.13 Sat Aug 31 2013
    - The string returned by get_google_form no longer contains HTTP headers.
    - Changed github repository URL.
    - Minor code cleanup

0.11 Wed Apr 18 2012
    - Many thanks to Jeremy Smith who reported that Google (sometimes?) doesn't
      correctly encoded its relay state and who sent a patch to fix the problem.

0.10 Sat Aug 07 2010
    - Many thanks to Thiago Damasceno who let me know that DSA-Key handling
      was horribly, horribly broken and then showed me how to do it correctly.

0.09 Fri Nov 06 2009
    - The synopsis was corrected (the example call to new() didn't provide
      the parameters as a hash-ref).

0.08 Mon Aug 17 2009
    - Fixed some serious documentation bugs (thanks to Keith Erekson for 
      reporting them)
    - Changed the xmlsec test that now not only checks whether xmlsec1 is
      installed, but also whether it is also working.

0.07 Fri Dec 19 2008
    - Repair the broken package 0.06 which wouldn't pass the tests

0.06 Thu Dec 18 2008
    - Improve the xmlsec test a bit so that we can be sure (can we?)
      about xmlsec being installed or not.
    - No source code changes.

0.05 Tue Aug 12 2008
    - Add even more recipient information and the AudienceRestriction tag
    - Add support for DSA keys

0.04 Tue Jul 29 2008
    - Add recipient information to response xml as specified by Google
      ( Thanks to
      Dusty Wilson for the patch!

0.03 Thu Jun 5 2008
	- Add yet another missing dependency to Makefile.PL: Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum

0.02 Thu Jun 5 2008
    - Add missing dependency Google::SAML::Request to Makefile.PL

0.01 Wed Jun 4 2008
    - initial release