Revision history for Group-Git-Cmd-Stats

0.0.3   2018-01-14
        Updating for release of version 0.0.3
        Added latest perl version (Ivan Wills)
        Updating license date (Ivan Wills)
        Added TODO to manifest (Ivan Wills)
        Spelling (Ivan Wills)
        Working on stats quality and performance (Ivan Wills)
        Updated dates (Ivan Wills)
        Updating Test dependencies for better windows experience (Ivan Wills)
        Removed old unsupported perl version from travis config (Ivan Wills)

0.0.2   2016-05-08
        Updating for release of version 0.0.2
        Added ability to give stats for repositories them selves (Ivan Wills)
        Increased the minimum perl version (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed generated stats (Ivan Wills)
        Getting the stats in a better (more flexable) maner (Ivan Wills)
        Added TODO reminder file (Ivan Wills)
        Adding running tests (Ivan Wills)
        Added extra commits (Ivan Wills)

0.0.1   2016-04-20
        Fixed dependencies (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed version (Ivan Wills)
        Added changes (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed method name (Ivan Wills)
        Added .stats dir to be skipped (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed totals (Ivan Wills)
        Added ignoring .stats directory (Ivan Wills)
        Added protection for edge case where there are no git repos found (Ivan Wills)
        Added default values (Ivan Wills)
        Added collecting line additions and deletions (Ivan Wills)
        Moved collated stats to .stats directory (Ivan Wills)
        Added caching results (Ivan Wills)
        Outputting something sensible (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed pipe (Ivan Wills)
        License updated (Ivan Wills)
        Cleared out the rest (Ivan Wills)
        Starting to collect stats (Ivan Wills)
        Removed more old TODO references (Ivan Wills)
        Updated readme (Ivan Wills)
        Initial commit (Ivan Wills)