Revision history for Group-Git-Taggers-Perl

0.0.4   2018-02-12
        Updating for release of version 0.0.4
        Merge pull request #1 from manwar/minor-tidy-up (Ivan Wills)
        - Fixed minor typo in the pod. (Mohammad S Anwar)
        - With Moo, you get "__PACKAGE__->meta->make_immutable;" for FREE. (Mohammad S Anwar)

0.0.3   2018-02-05
        Updating for release of version 0.0.3
        Added perl 5.26 to builds (Ivan Wills)
        Added travisCI config (Ivan Wills)
        Updated date (Ivan Wills)
        Added auto running tests (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed stopword PL (Ivan Wills)
        Updating Test dependencies for better windows experience (Ivan Wills)
        License update (Ivan Wills)
        Setting default editor vtide configs (Ivan Wills)

0.0.2   2015-08-31
        Updating for release of version 0.0.2
        Removed creation of makefile (Ivan Wills)

0.0.1   2015-04-20
        Updated test to current standard (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed wrong varibale used (Ivan Wills)
        Updated manifest (Ivan Wills)
        Updated dependencies (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed boilerplate (Ivan Wills)
        Tagged as future CPAN module (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed spelling (Ivan Wills)
        Implemented module (Ivan Wills)
        Initial commit (Ivan Wills)