Copyright 2008, 2010, 2015, 2016 Kevin Ryde

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Version 11, December 2015
    - recommend Perl-Gtk2 1.2497 avoid EXTEND() trouble on Perl 5.24

Version 10, September 2010
    - tests fix overload test more

Version 9, September 2010
    - tests skip overload check somehow not working in perl 5.8

Version 8, September 2010
    - new buildable interface
    - new append-model property

Version 7, April 2010
    - use refaddr() just in case a model overloads numizing

Version 6, April 2010
    - use Gtk2::Ex::TreeModel::ImplBits

Version 5, February 2010
    - new home page

Version 4, December 2008
    - new iter conversion functions
    - fix for remove() when a child model appears more than once

Version 3, December 2008
    - fix for iter stamp on LP64 systems
    - allow for Gtk pre-2.6 in the tests

Version 2, November 2008
    - delegate drag and drop to submodels instead of attempting row copy

Version 1, July 2008
    - the first version