XAOC / Gtk3-0.017 / NEWS

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.017 [2014-07-02]

* Fix compatibility with perl 5.20 and non-dot locales.
* Fix a test failure due to changes in gtk+ (GtkRecentChooser)

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.016 [2014-02-19]

* README: added more project contact info/addresses/links
* README: Added more info on how to report bugs, submit patches
∗ dist.ini: added Twitter URL to MetaResources block

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.015 [2013-12-08]

* Add overrides for Gtk3::RadioAction, Gtk3::RadioButton, Gtk3::RadioMenuItem
  and Gtk3::RadioToolButton.
* Add an override for Gtk3::SizeGroup::get_widgets.
* Add an override for Gtk3::Widget::render_icon.
* Add an override for Pango::Layout::set_text.
* Require Test::Simple >= 0.96.

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.014 [2013-10-18]

* dist.ini: document 'is_trial', sets 'testing' in metadata
* dist.ini: Add MetaJSON, set MetaYAML version = 2
* dist.ini: Add [MetaResources] block with correct URLs; fixes RT#89118

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.013 [2013-09-30]

* Add forgotten release notes.
* Reenable UploadToCPAN Dist::Zilla plugin

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.012 [2013-09-30]

* Add overrides for Gtk3::Image.
∗ Fix partial misquoting in croak usage
* Do not use 'defined' on an array (Spotted by Thierry Vignaud)
* Add overrides for Gtk3::Image (Based on a patch by Dave M.)
* Add two more tests for Gtk3::TextBuffer (Zach Morgan)

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.011 [2013-09-01]

* Add forgotten release notes.

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.010 [2013-09-01]

* Gtk3::HBox/Gtk3::VBox: use correct defaults in constructors.
* Gtk3::TextBuffer::create_tag: handle all property pairs.
* Fix a few test failures for older gtk+.

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.009 [2013-02-14]

* Add overrides for Gtk3::Container.
* Add overrides for Gtk3::Dialog and Gtk3::InfoBar, including the conversion of
  predefined response IDs to nick names.
* Add overrides for Gtk3::Editable.
* Add overrides for Gtk3::FileChooserDialog.
* Add overrides for Gtk3::RecentChooserDialog.
* Add overrides for Gtk3::TextBuffer.
* Add overrides for Gtk3::ListStore's and Gtk3::TreeStore's
* Add more overrides for Gtk3::TreeView and friends.
* Add overrides for various button constructors.
* Add an override for Gtk3::main_level.
* In Gtk3::TreeModel::get, if no columns are specified, use all columns.
* Test that no double-frees occur for custom Gtk3::Widget subclasses.
* Add overrides for Gtk3::Gdk::Atom.
* Add overrides for Gtk3::Gdk::RGBA.
* Make Gtk3::Gdk::Pixbuf::save, save_to_buffer and save_to_callback usable.
* Fix test failures on older versions of gtk+.

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.008 [2012-08-26]

* Add overrides for Gtk3::Gdk::Event.
* Add overrides for some Gtk3::RadioMenuItem constructors.
* Add overrides for Gtk3::CssProvider.
* Add overrides for Gtk3::UIManager.
* Always convert GdkRectangle objects to and from Cairo::RectangleInt.

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.007 [2012-07-05]

* Add overrides for Gtk3::ActionGroup.
* Add an override for Gtk3::show_about_dialog.
* Fix some test failures due to older dependencies.

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.006 [2012-06-04]

* Add overrides for Gtk3::MenuItem, CheckMenuItem and ImageMenuItem.
* Require Glib 1.260 and Glib::Object::Introspection 0.009 for various

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.005 [2012-04-22]

* Require Cairo::GObject and load it automatically.
* Add overrides for Gtk3::Builder and implement its connect_signals.
* Add overrides for Gtk3::Menu::popup and popup_for_device.
* Add some documentation about porting from Gtk2 to Gtk3.

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.004 [2012-03-18]

* Provide GdkPixbuf bindings under Gtk3::Gdk::Pixbuf.
* Make Gtk3::[HV]Box::new provide default arg values.
* Make Gtk3::Gdk::Window::new construct the mask automatically if none is
* Clarify licensing terms.

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.003 [2012-01-14]

* API change: wrap gtk_stock_* as Gtk3::Stock::*.  Also, make
  Gtk3::Stock::list_ids return a list and make Gtk3::Stock::lookup skip
  the sentinel boolean.
* Correctly handle internal errors on perl < 5.14.  This fixes a test

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.002 [2011-12-09]

* Add more overrides for the tree objects.
* Fix a test failure.  (RT #72773)

Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.001 [2011-10-14]

* Initial release.

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