Revision history for HBase-JSONRest

0.047  Date/time: 2017-07-27

        - Addes support for scanner starttime, endtime, maxversions parameters.

0.043  Date/Time: 2015-12-03

        - Added support for gzip content-encoding, to save on bandwidth

0.042  Date/time: 2015-09-02

        [BUG FIXES]
        - Fixed a bug in multiget - if some of specified keys are missing
          they will be ignored properly (themage).

0.041  Date/time: 2015-08-31

        - Don't create HTTP::Tiny object in each request. Create it in
          constructor and keep it in hbase object instance so it can be
          reused. This means that the same instance of HTTP::Tiny can
          used for many requests, so connections can be reused.
        - More debug info for failed requests
        - Added strict mode. Defaults to false. If activated, the hbase
          handle will die on unsuccessful request.

        [BUG FIXES]
        - Allow scans with pefix '0'
        - Fixed bug in_build_get_uri - lost columns when current url
          became too long (dtcyganov)
        - Fixed bug in _build_multiget_uri - lost keys when current url
          became too long (dtcyganov)

0.040  Date/time: 2015-08-09

        - Added support for specifying and retrieving an arbitrary number
          of columns when using `get` (Tarek Sheasha).
        - Added support for [startrow, endrow) scanner

        [BUG FIXES]
        - Fixed a bug for PREFIX scanner - when prefix is depleted, the
          scanning will stop as it should.

0.032   Date/time: 2015-06-19

        [BUG FIXES]
        - Fixed a bug in scanner which could cause some keys to be skipped
          due to wrong postix used for the first key of the next batch.
        - Fixed a bug which prevented keys that begin with 0 to be

0.031   Date/time: 2015-06-16

        - Added uri_gen tests for stateless REST scanners

0.030   Date/time: 2015-06-15

        - Added support for stateless REST scanners

0.021   Date/time: 2015-04-16

        [BUG FIXES]
        - Bug fix for missing uri_escape of a key in _build_multiget_uri.

0.020   Date/time: 2014-11-11

        - Moved get uri generator code to separate method
        - Added tests for get uri generator
        - Moved multiget uri generation to separate method
        - Added tests for multiget uri generator
        - Added delete instance method (Robert Nilsson)
        - Added support for list of columns in get
        - Added support for number of versions in get
        - Added suport for timestamp range in get
        - Added test for timestamp range uri generator
        - Added option to override HBase timestamp on put
        - Standardized structure of error description hash generated
          in _extract_error_tiny

        [BUG FIXES]
        - Bug fix for missing $url param in _extract_error_tiny call.
        - Fix warnings if response has no status (Eric Herman)

        - POD for new get options (get by column, version, timestamp range)
        - POD for multiget for last N versions
        - POD for put with HBase timestamp override
        - POD for delete (Robert Nilsson)

0.011   Date/time: 2014-08-19
        Added uri in error message. Correction in comments for get function.

0.010   Date/time: 2014-08-18
        Added support for multiget.

0.005   Date/time: 2014-07-21
        Corrected pod for method calls - use hash refs, not lists for

0.004   Date/time: 2014-07-11
        Pod coverage test was failing. Added required pod for constructor

0.003   Date/time: 2014-07-08
        Correction to pod Synopsis

0.002   Date/time: 2014-07-08
        Added error handling info to pod.

0.001   Date/time: 2014-07-07