0.57 - retry after python MemoryError exception

0.56 - force retry after "Rscript: command not found", which is happening
       randomly for some unknown reason
     - added another out of memory test

0.55 - always use qacct status info as to augment drmaa status info
       the drmaa status info doesn't return everything, especially 'host'

0.54 - added another out of memory test

0.53 - force explicit use of /bin/bash for running script

0.52 - parse output of qacct correctly by removing trailing whitespace
     - added env variable (HPCI_NO_DRMAA) to suppress use of DRMAA

0.51 - moved _cpu_multiplier from DRMAARun to Run (where it should have
       been all along)

0.50 - added another error text to detect memory overrun failure

0.49 - added another error text to detect memory overrun failure

0.48 - log the reason that triggered vmem retry testing

0.47 - adjust memory retry increment and usage reporting when multiple cpus
       are used for one stage (assumes that the requested number were actually
	   provided - that might not match the configured environment definition;
	   but in our lab at least, the accounting info always returns undefined
	   value for the slots allocated)

0.46 - documented retry_mem_percent attribute, added another error text to
       detect memory overrun failure

0.45 - changed the magic number 99 to a stage attribute that can be set to
       allow causing retry with additional memory for a different threshold
	   when the 'Out of memofy!' message is not generated.

0.44 - fix DRMAARun - it was re-using a variable for every stage instead of
       having an object private one that re-initialized to undef, leaking

0.43 - edit the diagnostic when drmaa_wait fails to get status info
       - that seems to be a timing bug in the drmaa library interaction with
         the sge code

0.42 - added stage name ad run index to warn message, in case running at
         log_level 'WARN' the message needs to be self-sufficient

0.41 - add memory_too_small function ref attribute to allow a user-specified
         method to decide that the job was killed for using too much memory (in
         case the standard test misses some cases)

0.40 - fix testing of extra_sge_args_string to correctly detect collisions
         with internally provided values
     - fix test 07-extra.args.t to pass its args with the right name

0.39 - fix typo - _drmaa_job_id ->  _drmaa_jobid

0.38 - update MANIFEST

0.37 - work around drmaa handling of -q arg differently from qsub

0.36 - removed some extraneous use MODULEs
     - fallback to qacct if drmaa fails to get exit_status info
     - added missing required modules to Build.PL

0.35 - map generic time specifiers (e.g. '3d2h10m') to native SGE permitted

0.34 - typo bugfixes

0.33 - added support for -pe to submit parallel jobs

0.32 - improved detection for job terminated because of using too much memory
    - added support for abort for when drmaa says a job was not accepted
    - added direct support for kill, killsignal rather than leaving them
        tangled in exit_status and subject to local interpretation
    - rearranged a number of methods and modifiers so that they could be
        overridden in drivers smoothly
    - removed modules_to_load(Perl-BL) from tests, they only work in BoutrosLab,
        not elsewhere
    - adjusted to make HPCI::ModuleLoad not automatically loaded, use a config
        wrapper module for your lab if needed, similarily for HPCI::ScriptSource
    - added support for using DRMAA to run jobs

TODO: move historical change info into here