- Fixed bug (Ticket 81095)
    Thanks Sadrak

  - Fixed bug (Ticket 43698)
    Thanks to 'ESSKAR'

  - Fixed bug (Ticket 33542)
    Query parameters should be handled ok now.
    Thanks to 'gnudist' once again!

  - Fixed bug (Ticket 33495)
    FTP links aren't breaking anything now.
  - Fixed bug (Ticket 33496)
    URLs may take up to 2000 characters now, instead of the previous limit 
    of 500. "2000 should be enough for everybody" ;-)
    Thanks to 'gnudist' for reporting!

  - Fixed bug (Ticket 31927)
    URIs in the HREF attribute of an A element are now encoded where needed
    unless and encoding entity is already found (%[A-Fa-f0-9]{2}), for which
    we then assume the URI is already encoded (like you should!)
    Thanks to and Fayland Lam for reporting the bug and Clinton Gormley 
    ('DRTECH') for advice.
  - Removed debugging line

    === API CHANGE ===
    The options html_tags, no_html and no_jslink are  no longer supported 
    by the new method. It _will_ break your code. The reason for this is the 
    implementation of scanning the output with HTML::StripScripts::Parser 
    (and the reason for that are the piling XSS-related bug reports ;-)

  - Bumped up to version 2.00 due to the API CHANGE.
  - html_tags has been removed
  - no_html has been removed
  - no_jslink has been removed
  - HTML::StripScripts::Parser has been implemented for security reasons
  - Fixed XSS bug (Ticket 28830)
    Thanks to J├╝rgen Peters ('TAULMARIL') for reporting the bug and 
    helping me fix it (as well as Clinton Gormley ('DRTECH') for offering 
    help with his module!).

  - Fixed XSS bug (Ticket 24448)
    Thanks to DMUEY for reporting

  - Fixed XSS bug (Tiket 17633, "HTML::BBCode XSS Vulnerabilities")
    Thanks to Alex for reporting.
  - POD slightly altered

  - Really fixed Denny Daugherty's case insensative matching's problem (my bad)
  - Bug reported by 'Dodger' fixed (no barfing on empty input)
  - Bugs reported (patched) by YorHel fixed:
       * Tags no longer substituted with HTML in [code] blocks
       * No more <br /> in <li></li> (unless needed)

  - Unmatched bracket problem fixed (Ticket 14138, "HTML::BBCode bug")
    Thanks to Josh Schoof for reporting

  - Yet more nesting problems fixed (Ticket 12036,
    "Incorrect work with limited set of tags").
    Thanks to Igor Lobanov for reporting and Michele Beltrame for helping out.
  - Added (empty) attribute 'alt' to img-tags, to make it more W3C-valid
    Thanks to Michele Beltrame for reporting and patching.
  - Added case insensative tag matching
    Thanks to Denny Daugherty for reporting and patching. 
  - Minor code changes (killing unwanted whitespaces).

  - Nesting problem patched by monk physi. Thanks!
  - img nesting problem fixed. Linked images should be ok now.

  - This module has basically been built from scratch again, for a lot
    of problems were spotted by various users (THANKS ALL!). The module now
    uses a 'poor man's parser' that will fix nesting problems. Also the
    linebreak options will ignore [code]-blocks.

  - 'no_html' option, for "stripping" HTML input
  - 'linebreaks' option, for inserting '<br />' tags

  Thanx to Ken for pointing these 'flaws' out to me :)

  - Better regexps (they still are dreadfull, but slowly improving ;).
  - Nested tags are handled better.
  - [code] and [quote] will now be parsed first, thus solving some weird results
  - More tests during install
  - Fixed stupid requirement for Perl 5.8.4 ... not needed

  - initial version;