Changelog file for HTML::DBTable

Version 00.05 (2004-01-11)
- Add public method strip_tablename that set a boolean param that set fields
  name with tablename if param is false. Default is to strip table name.
- Add public method begin_form and end_form that set two boolean param passed
  to template (form.begin and form.end) that can be use to add the html FORM
  start and end tag
- Add public methods cb_rows_pre, cb_rows_post, cb_row_pre,cd_row_post to 
  set a Callback object called respectively before rows, after rows, before
  every row and after every row. The return of these callbacks is used to 
  set template parm rows.pre,, row.pre and

Version 00.04 (2004-01-08)
- Missing DBIx_DBSchema_with_enum.patch.
- Add notes about other problem during DBIx::DBSchema installation.
- Separate DBSchema unpatched tests from DBSchema patched tests that runs
  only if you have installed DBIx::DBSchema patch.

Version 00.03 (2004-01-08)
- Add public method values to set field values.
- Add DBIx_DBSchema_with_enum.patch that is the patch for DBIx::DBSchema
  support of "ENUM" MySQL data type.
- Add an INSTALL file whith information on how and why apply the DBIx::DBSchema

Version 00.02 (2004-01-07)
- Add public method 'template' which set/return a string template. If 
unitialized or set to undef, it returns the default template string.
- Add a (very poor) pod file.

Version 00.01 (2003-12-23)
- First pre-release