# Changelog for HTML::FormatText::WithLinks
version:    0.14
date:       4/01/2015
    Various small documentation errors fixed
version:    0.14
date:       9/12/2010
    Missed the skipped links test from the MANIFEST :(
version:    0.13
date:       9/12/2010
    Added code to change the delimiters for italic and bold text <Thomas Sibley> (rt #63571)
version:    0.12
date:       27/11/2010       
    Updated HTML::FormatText dependancy to require version 2+
    Added code to pull out the base from the base element in a document <Kevin Ryde> (rt #55238)
    Added code to optionally skip links where the text is the same as the HREF <Thomas Sibley> (rt #63236)
version:    0.11
date:       30/07/2008
    failed to actually include any of the mentioned things in the previous release so re-releasing with the things actually there. sigh.
version:    0.10
date:       21/07/2008
    added anchor_links config option <Simon Dessau> (rt #37634)
    compile regex and make it work with https <Simon Dessau> (rt #37634)
    reset internal link collectors when call parse so object can be reused < Simon Dessau> (rt #37636)
version:    0.09
date:       18/04/2007
    added in examples directory
version:    0.08
date:       26/03/2007
    add in unique_links config option (rt #24713)
version:    0.07
date:       30/08/2006
    actually fix issues with empty hrefs (rt #14288)
version:    0.06
date:       06/10/2005
    add in missing ; to use line in examples in POD and README (rt #14777)
version:    0.05
date:       12/09/2005
    change way skip tests in t/12_treebuilderproblem.t to try and avoid CPAN 
    testers failure
version:    0.04
date:       27/08/2005
    anchors with no href or empty href don't produce footnotes
    some internal refactoring
    much better test coverage
version:    0.03
date:       19/05/2005
    Added with_emphasis option
    Delete HTML::TreeBuilder object after parsing
version:    0.02
date:       02/02/2004
    Now call eof on HTML::TreeBuilder which fixes bug with last words in
    HTML fragments sometimes being lost
version:    0.01
date:       12/01/2004
    Initial release