Created:      2009-11-26
Home page:    <>
Bug tracker:  <>
Maintainer:   Toby Inkster <>

0.301  2013-07-08

 - (Bugfix) Fix t/99html5lib.t still using Mo in one place.
   Fixes RT#86774
   ++"Fitz Elliott"

0.300  2013-07-06

 - (Bugfix) Fix many major memory leaks.
 - (Packaging) t/99html5lib.t now uses Moo instead of Mo.
 - Memory leak fix necessitated some API changes; in particular some
   methods which were available as class methods are now object methods

0.208  2012-12-06

 - (Bugfix) If two <html> tags were in the same file, attributes on the
   second <html> element could cause crashes.
   Fixes RT#79019
   ++"Luben Karavelov"
 - (Bugfix) Minor fix re LWP-independence.

0.206  2012-06-30

 - (Bugfix) Disable t/07ua.t and t/08ua-lwp.t on Windows because
   Test::HTTP::Server doesn't work on that platform.
 - (Bugfix) Remove 'use 5.010' from t/07ua.t.

0.204  2012-06-29

 - (Bugfix) Stop using defined-or operator in HTML::HTML5::Parser::UA, as
   it doesn't work in Perl 5.8.

0.202  2012-06-27

 - Drop dependency on LWP::UserAgent in favour of HTTP::Tiny which is part
   of core since 5.14.

0.200  2012-06-13

 - Drop dependency on; use Try::Tiny instead.
 - Drop dependency on HTML::Encoding; use IO::HTML instead.
 - Passing a couple more of the html5lib test suite files.
 - Suppress warnings about invalid Unicode code points.

0.110  2012-03-20

 - (Bugfix) Removed a use of smart match which was breaking Perl 5.8.x
   Fixes RT#75809
 - Comment nodes should now keep their line numbers and column numbers.
 - Text nodes should keep line numbers and column numbers too.
 - use XML::LibXML::Devel::SetLineNumber if it is available.

0.109  2012-03-15  # Yes, they are come, but they are not past.

 - (Addition) Nodes now have an implictness flag (returned by source_line
   called in a list context).
 - (Addition) Provide dtd_element method to get more information about the
 - (Addition) Provide parse_balanced_chunk to parse HTML fragments.
 - (Bugfix) Fix several fatal errors on infrequently used code paths in
 - (Bugfix) Use correct case for MathML's definitionURL attribute.
 - (Packaging) Bundle test cases from html5lib.
 - Make source_line method work more reliably. This requires
   XML::LibXML::Devel, and thus a fairly recent version of XML-LibXML.

0.108  2012-01-18

 - (Bugfix) Crashed when generating an error message about some missing
   closing tags.
 - (Documentation Update) Copyright 2012.
 - (Update) Provide load_xml and load_html methods for compatibility with
   XML::LibXML 1.70 and newer.

0.107  2011-10-20

 - (Addition) html2xhtml can output to a file.
 - (Addition) html2xhtml now reads from STDIN by default.
 - (Bugfix) parse_file wasn't accepting relative file names

0.106  2011-10-10

 - (Bugfix) was still trying to require

0.105  2011-10-07

 - (Addition) Bundle 'html5debug' script.
 - (Packaging) Module::Package::RDF.
 - HTML::HTML5::Parser::Error overloads stringification.
 - use HTML::HTML5::Entities

0.104  2011-09-22

 - (Addition) Some error handling stuff.
 - (Addition) Support <track> element.
 - (Update) Catch up to revision d81fcb920a1a3c351149cd66a64bf1b8ae14a172
   (2011-08-21) upstream.

0.103  2011-02-09

 - (Bugfix) called a method that is renamed between this
   distribution and upstream using its upstream name.
 - (Documentation Update) Copyright 2011.

0.102  2011-01-19

 - (Addition) Allow <object> element to appear in <head> if document has an
   HTML4 doctype. This is a willful violation of the HTML5 parsing
   algorithm. (The <object> may have <param> elements as children, as well
   as any children that would normally be allowed in the <head> of the
   document, such as <meta>; any other content is treated as the beginning
   of the <body>, and thus closes <object> and <head>. That's slightly
   looser than the HTML 4 spec which says only <param> should be used, but
   stricter than the HTML 4 DTD which allows pretty much anything in
 - (Addition) Support <figcaption> element.
 - (Addition) Support <summary> element.
 - (Bugfix) Fix source_line method.
 - (Update) Catch up to revision f2c921a886ab0b3dfb8d21b82525e98a4a921ad4
   (2010-10-11) upstream.

0.101  2010-06-30

 - (Bugfix) UTF-8 fix.

0.100  2010-06-23

 - (Bugfix) Minor bugfixes.

0.04  2010-04-21

 - (Update) Catch up to revision cf2c0df8a6dfb50fee923dfb21b14c83f282ccdc
   (2010-02-28) upstream.

0.03  2010-01-15

 - (Bugfix) Module didn't use URI::file properly.
 - (Documentation Update) Copyright 2010.
 - (Packaging Update) Upgrade distribution to my new packaging regime
   (auto-generated changelogs, etc)

0.02  2009-12-16

 - (Addition Packaging) Bundle the html2xhtml tool.
 - Replace Inline::Python encoding detection with weaker, but native Perl
   HTML::Encoding package.

0.01  2009-12-03  # Original version

0.00_01  2009-12-01  # Developer preview