Release history for HTML-MasonX-Free

0.005     2013-08-31 23:59:31 America/New_York
          update bugtracker and repo

0.004     2012-11-01 09:57:17 America/New_York
          fix the text of an error message

          pass tests on Win32 (path sep error! thanks, CPAN Testers!)

0.003     2012-09-24 14:36:23 America/New_York
          HTML::MasonX::Free::Request to eliminate the wrapping chain; see
          4497ab8 for explanation

0.002     2012-09-24 11:21:21 America/New_York
          combined MasonX::Resolver::AutoInherit and MasonX::Component::RunMain

          They just didn't work well independently.  They only make sense
          when all put together.  What a bummer.

0.001     2012-09-20 23:03:04 America/New_York
          first release, after meaning to write this for three years