Revision history for Perl extension HTML::Parser::Simple.

2.02  Sun Jan 25 11:44:00 2014
	- Rewrite bareword filehandles (INX) to use a variable (my $fh).
	- Rename github repo from html--parser--simple to HTML-Parser-Simple - My new standard.
		Update Build.PL and Makefile.PL to match.
	- Reformat the docs, and this file, slighty, to be <= 100 chars per line - My new standard.
	- Move t/pod.t to xt/author/.

2.01  Tue Oct  8 09:36:00 2013
	- Incorporate repository references in Build.PL and Makefile.PL, from dsteinbrunner via github.
	- Add 'use strict' and 'use warnings' to Build.PL and Makefile.PL, which I'm doing with all
		patched modules.
	- Add 'lib' to pre-preqs in Build.PL and Makefile.PL.
	- Take this opportunity to switch from Moos to Moo, which I'm doing with all patched modules.
	- Rename CHANGES to Changes as per CPAN::Changes::Spec.

2.00  Mon Nov 19 12:34:00 2012
	- Implement a new API, using the pure-Perl module Moos.
	- The use of Moos means methods which could previously be called as class methods
		or instance methods must now only be called as instance methods.
	- The use of Moos means new() now takes a hash, not a hashref. See scripts/*.pl.
	- Details of the new API:
		New                 Old
		Mutators            Getters and Setters
		block()             -
		current_node()      get_current_node(), set_current_node()
		depth()             get_depth(), set_depth()
		empty()             -
		inline()            -
		input_file()        get_input_dir(), set_input_dir()
		node_type()         get_node_type(), set_node_type()
		output_file()       get_output_dir(), set_output_dir()
		root()              get_root(), set_root()
		tagged_attribute()  -
		verbose()           get_verbose(), set_verbose()
		xhtml()             get_xhtml(), set_xhtml()
		New                 Old
		Mutators            Getters and Setters
		a_hashref()         -
		a_string()          -
		get()               get_attr()
		hashref2string()    -
		parse()             parse_attributes()
		string2hashref()    -
	- HTML::Parser::Simple::Reporter is a new module. See scripts/
	- Change calls from Carp::croak to die. You should be using Try::Tiny anyway :-).
	- Change the fix in V 1.07 which output tags and attributes in lower-case.
		As of V 2.00, tags are in lower-case but the case of attributes is preserved.
	- Scripts shipped in scripts/:
		Name					Module
		o	HTML::Parser::Simple::Reporter
		o			HTML::Parser::Simple
		o		HTML::Parser::Simple
	- Sample data used by the scripts:
		Name					Input							Output
		o	data/s.1.html					Screen
		o			data/s.1.html					data/s.2.html
		o		t/data/90.xml.declaration.xhtml	data/90.xml.declaration.xml
	- Add t/parse.html.t, t/parse.xhtml.t, t/traverse.file.t.
	- Make many changes to the docs.

1.07  Sun Nov 18 12:06:00 2012
	- Replace /usr/bin/perl with /usr/bin/env perl.
	- Replace common::sense with use strict and use warnings, to get uninit var warnings.
	- Fix bug whereby code was assuming all tags were in the same case.
		This lead to the error: Can't locate object method "getParent" via package "root"...
		Due to the fix, the code now outputs all tags and attributes as lower-case.
		Thanx to Satya Nemana for reporting this problem (via private email).
	- Clean up the POD.

1.06  Sat Feb  5 15:57:00 2011
	- Fix a bug where, if the 2nd or subsequent attribute had an empty string for the value,
	  the code looped forever. Eg: name="a name" value="". For RT#65466.
	- Add corresponding test t/empty_attribute.t.
	- Clean up the code where the length of the attribute string was tested before spaces were
	- Reformatted the source code and POD.

1.05  Sun Feb 21 12:55:17 2010
	- Remove text 'All rights reserved' (for Debian licensing).
	- Remove POD heads 'Required Modules' and 'Changes'.

1.04  Mon Jan 25 09:37:00 2010
	- Add MANIFEST and MYMETA.yml
	- Require Perl 5.6. Thanx to 'cpanservice' via GitHub
	- Reformat this CHANGES file
	- Remove trailing spaces from various files

1.03  Fri Jun 12 11:49:00 2009
	- Improved tests and documentation (Mark Stosberg)
	- Added attribute parsing via HTML::Parser::Simple::Attributes (Mark Stosberg)

1.02  Thu Feb 26 11:24:00 2009
	- Rename scripts/ to scripts/
	- Ship scripts/
	- Ship t/ to read in test data from t/data/
	- Rewrite t/*.t to use t/
	- Patch to accept xhtml as a parameter to new
	- Patch to use xhtml in a few of places. XHTML support is not finished!
	- Patch to use accessors for object attributes as per PBP. Specifically:
	get/set_*() for current_node, depth, input_dir, node_type, output_dir, root, verbose, xhtml
	- Hence, rename root() to get_root()
	- Hence, rename verbose() to get_verbose()
	- Rename new_node() to create_new_node(), since that makes more sense when using get/set_*()
	- There are no methods get_result() and set_result(). The reason is efficiency. If we had
	$self -> set_result($self -> get_result() + '<tag>') it would mean duplicating the result so far
	each time a few chars were added
	- Ship various tests, with data, for XHTML
	- Add depth to the hashref of data for each tag's node in the tree
	- Put the code in github: git://

1.01  Wed Feb 25 19:44:00 2009
	- Add Tree::Simple to Build.PL and Makefile.PL
	- Patch POD to replace note about required module Tree::DAG_Node with Tree::Simple

1.00  Wed Feb 18 11:22:00 2009
	- Original version