Revision history for HTML::PopupTreeSelect.

    - Fixed bug in Firefox and Camino on Mac OSX.  Scrollbars would
      stay visible after the widget was hidden. (Don Brodale)

    - Added the ability to resize the chooser by dragging the lower
      edge.  This is off by default but may be turned on using the
      new 'resizable' option.  (Zac Shepard and Peter Leonard)

    - Fixed a few HTML and CSS standards-compliance problems.
      (Don Brodale)

    - Improved support for sub-classing. (Chris Nandor)

    - Added support for multiple root nodes. (Chris Nandor)  

    - Added new 'parent_var' option to supply parent info in the node
      loop. (Chris Nandor)

    - Added 'inactive' flag to node structure, allowing individual
      nodes to be unavailable for selection.

    - Added hide_textareas option to workaround bug in Netscape
      6.0 through 7.0 where buttons hovering over textareas are not

    - Now tested on Safari 1.0.

    - Added ability to drag the widget around the window.

    - Added dropshadow in Windows IE.

    - Added workaround for the select-box show-through problem.

    - Added scrollbars to the widget.

    - NOTE: the default CSS has changed.  If you are using your own
      CSS you'll need to adjust it.  Just run the widget with
      include_css turned on and you'll see the new classes and settings.

    - Fixed bug where IE sometimes decided to wrap rows.

    - Changed code to setup form_field before calling onselect
      handler.  This allows the onselect handler to submit a form
      with the value already set.

1.0 Wed Apr 30 17:32:21 2003
    - First Release