2006-03-08  metaperl  <metaperl@gmail.com>

	* gave example of how to achieve per-page templating via
	oop instead of Mason pseudo-objects or tt-esque if-thens 

2006-02-14  metaperl  <metaperl@gmail.com>

	* added well-formedness as a general 4th generation dynamic HTML
	generation advantage

2006-01-31  metaperl  <metaperl@gmail.com>

	* added a bless_tree routine to HTML::Seamstress. The idea is
	this: if tree if composed of HTML::Element nodes, then they do not
	have access to HTML::Element::Library and any
	Local::Element::Library methods. Therefore new_from_file() now
	blesses the whole tree, instead of just the root into the base

2006-01-13  metaperl  <metaperl@gmail.com>

	* applied diffs to spkg.pl supplied by Gary Ashton-Jones

2003-12-15  U-MOKSHA\metaperl  <metaperl@urth.org>

	* added samples/synopsis* to distro so that the SYNOPSIS is
	actually executable!

Revision history for Perl extension XML::Seamstress.

0.01  Tue Oct 21 08:54:02 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-A -X -n XML::Seamstress