Revision history for Perl extension HTML::SimpleParse.

0.12  Wed Jul  9 12:19:38 CDT 2003

 - Clarify the relationship between this module and HTML::TreeBuilder
   in the documentation. [suggested by Gisle Aas]

 - Moved regression tests from to t/basic.t

0.11  Sun Jan 26 10:00:41 CST 2003

 - Use to output testing results.

 - Avoid an 'undefined value' warning when creating a SimpleParse
   object with an empty string.

 - Fixed a problem that caused an infinite loop in certain bizarre
   (and as yet unduplicated by me) situations.  Reported by Peter Suschlik.

 - Added a Build.PL script to build & install via Module::Build.

0.10  Sat Jul  1 14:47:07 EDT 2000
   - Added the 'offset' attribute to each tree element, which tells you how
     many bytes the current tag is from the beginning of the HTML text.
     Idea from (Adrien Zamani).

   - &parse_args will now recognize bare end tags correctly.  Thanks to (Paul Makepeace).

0.09  Sat May 27 12:18:38 EDT 2000
   - HTML tag attribute names should contain only letters, digits, periods,
     or hyphens.  I've made this change to parse_args().

   - parse_args() handles single-quoted data now. [ (Tim Holt)]

   - parse_args() now respects a new flag 'fix_case', which can be set
     either as a package global or a class data member, which controls
     whether attribute names are upper-cased or lower-cased or left alone.
     Previously everything was left alone, which was incorrect because HTML
     tag attribute names are supposed to be case-insensitive.  Now the
     default is to upper-case everything.  [spot: (Tim Holt)]

0.08  Sat Jan 29 03:16:48 EST 2000
    - Avoid warning when new() is called without feeding HTML to it
      [ (Jerome O'Neil)]

0.07  Wed Dec  1 17:09:23 EST 1999

    - The parse_args routine will now allow whitespace between an attribute
      and its value (on both sides of the equal sign).  I believe this
      is compliant with the SGML spec at .  Thanks to (Joachim Seibert) for the spot.
0.06  Fri Feb  5 18:22:15 EST 1999
    - Fixed a bug in the parse_args routine that should properly handle
      escaping of parameters like var="a \"value\"" [thanks, Philippe

0.05  Thu Aug 20 12:11:53 EDT 1998
    - Fixed a bug in HTML::SimpleParse->parse_args('a="b=c"').  Thanks
      to Shenghuo ZHU for finding it.

0.04  Tue Aug 18 19:46:01 EDT 1998

    - added execute() method that lets you do:
      foreach ($p->tree) {
         print $p->execute($_);
      This lets Apache::OutputChain and Apache::SSIChain output their results in
      the correct order.

0.03  Fri Aug  7 13:03:34 EDT 1998
    - changed the output_* methods so that they return their
      output, instead of printing it.  There's a new method, get_output(),
      which returns a string containing the parsed output.  The
      output() method then prints the result of get_output().
      This lets the module work with Apache::OutputChain.  Thanks to 
      Honza Pazdziora for the patches (which I modified a little).
    - fixed the processing of markup declarations (e.g. <!DOCTYPE ...>)
    - parse_args method can handle leading whitespace now:
      my %hash=HTML::SimpleParse->parse_args(' A="xx" B');
      used to return an empty hash (thanks to Ben Laurie again).
    - parse_args makes sure that it starts matching at the beginning
      of the string you give it, by setting pos() to 0.
    I'm also going to update Apache::SSI so that it can use this new version.

0.02  Thu Aug  6 16:08:22 EDT 1998
    - fixed bug in parse_args method pointed out by Ben Laurie:
       %hash=HTML::SimpleParse->parse_args('A="xx" B');
       did not include B in %hash.

0.01  Fri Jun 26 17:42:41 1998
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.18