2011-11-01 0.08 More select() improvements:
  Add attributes for <option>s, including per-value values

2011-10-18 0.07_02 Preview release of improvements to select():
  Add option group capability

2011-10-08 0.07_01 Preview release of improvements to radio_group():
  Per-value attribute values can now be passed as hashrefs
  New radio() method for generating a single radio button
  Switch from plain EU::MM to Dist::Zilla for maintenance
  Switch from CVS to github
  Sort out some issues with the test suite

2005-10-19 0.07 First release of the new API
  The focus has shifted towards a slightly more general form generation class,
    which includes methods for all input types, as well as the form element
    itself. This requires a slight, but backwards-incompatible API change,
    so HTML::StickyForms is now deprecated in favour of the new HTML::StickyForm
  Sticky parameters can now be retrieved from any object supporting a compatible
    param() method, or even unblessed arrayrefs or hashrefs
  Stickiness can be easily overridden on a per-method basis
  Removed argument aliases, which means that any given argument name only
    triggers one type of special behaviour, no matter which method it's sent to
  Improved documentation (I hope)
  Actual tests!

2002-04-09 0.06 Sixth release
  Add well_formed() method to control trailing slash in elements
	(unfortunately defaults to false - thanks, Netscape)
  Make sure everything is otherwise XHTML compliant
  Fix text() and textarea() examples

2001-06-15 0.05 Fifth release
  Add set_sticky() method to allow re-counting of parameters/forcing stickiness
  Add values_as_labels() attribute/method
  Add values_as_labels overrides to checkbox_group()/radio_group()/select()

2000-11-10 0.04 Fourth release
  Fixed behaviour of select() and checkbox_group() with default => 0

2000-08-30 0.03 Third release
  Fixed trim_params() under Apache::Request

2000-06-27 0.02 Second release
  Add select()

2000-06-21 0.01_01
  Combine checkbox_group() and radio_group()
  Add documentation

2000-06-15 0.01 First release!
  Add copyright notices

2000-06-09 0.00_03
  Add Todo
  Add _escape()
  Use _escape() to escape NAME and VALUE attribute values
  Use -escape() to escape labels if (escape => 1) is passed to *_group()

2000-06-08 0.00_02
  Allow CGI::State request delegate and null request delegate
  Add radio_group()

2000-06-70 0.00_01
  new, trim_params, text, password, textarea, checkbox, checkbox_group