Revision history for HTML-Widget-Factory

0.204     2015-10-16 16:06:32-04:00 America/New_York
        - allow an individual option for a select to be disabled

0.203     2014-11-17 16:52:10-05:00 America/New_York
        - avoid uninitialized warnings in Textarea when no value is given

0.202     2014-06-11 14:24:12-04:00 America/New_York
        - in plugins that subclass Input, be sure to pass all arguments when
          calling SUPER::rewrite_args; this should eliminate some warnings
          when adding default classes

0.201     2014-02-24 13:58:58-05:00 America/New_York
        - fix AUTOLOAD method to skip CLONE and DESTROY

0.200     2014-02-21 16:17:04-05:00 America/New_York
        - plugins are no longer blessed into newly created, managed packages,
          but use AUTOLOAD to dispatch to plugins
        - plugins on the factory are stored as objects, not class names
        - the Input, Password, and Textarea plugins have been given a
          default_classes attribute

0.101     2013-09-14 18:35:29 America/New_York
        - fix bugs in default object caching; this code really needs to be
          slashed, burned, and replanted
        - fix bugs in dist metadata

0.100     2013-09-12 14:53:50 America/New_York
        - plugins are no longer exporters; the factory factory interrogates
          them to build the new factory

        - there is a private, experimental method to allow the factory factory
          to build tweaked widget method when installing; read the source for

0.083     2013-09-11 10:47:02 America/New_York
        - repackage to update bugtracker and repo
        - stop using -T in test shebangs
        - use

0.082     2010-05-04
          make "disabled" a bool arg for Checkbox

0.081     2010-05-03
          when emitting <label> for radio, assume label is literal HTML
          for backcompat

0.080     2010-05-03
          switch from Class::ISA to MRO::Compat
          radio inputs now produce their content as label elements, not text
          fix "disabled" to be an attribute arg on input

0.070     2009-06-30
          add SYNOPSIS section to plugins for quick reference

0.069     2008-12-18
          radio buttons with content did not get closing tags even in XML
          work around this

0.068     2008-09-22
          chomp the output of link widgets

0.067     2008-05-06
          add ->provides_widget and ->provided_widgets methods to Factory
          fix docs for -tag arg to Attrs (thanks HDP)

0.066     2008-05-05
          add Attrs plugin for producing attribute strings (without the tags)

0.065     2008-02-29
          BUG FIX: do not fail t/plugins.t if there are extra plugins
          Happy leap day!

0.064     2008-02-26
          ENHANCEMENT: add tabindex as a global attribute

0.063     2007-11-29
          BUG FIX: previously, radio value 0 could not be selected

0.062     2007-10-08
          BUG FIX: set 'multiple' attr on multiselects

0.061     2007-10-02
          BUG FIX: do not allow 'id' attribute to trickle from widget params to
          each radio input repeatedly; now supplying id outside of options gets
          a warning

0.060     2007-09-04
          BUG FIX: the error for an invalid "value" for select now lists the
          given value, rather than 0

          no longer use

0.059     2007-09-04
          BUG FIX: fix confused attribute args for Link
          FEATURE: title is now a Link attribute arg

0.058     2007-07-19
          add ->plugins method to factory
          do not auto-load plugins under ::Plugin::Debug

0.057     2007-05-01
          fix stupidity in checkbox design, which conflated "checked" and

0.056     2007-02-28
          change Button "content" arg to text/html, to match Link

0.055     2007-02-28
          add Submit, Image, and Button plugins
          allow html instead of link text
          plans for all test files
          a few other little tweaks

0.050     2007-02-24
          allow return of individual radio widget parts
          allow per-radio-option ids
          allow ignore_invalid for radio buttons
          fix errors in error messages from radio buttons
          skip ->require on (__)?GENERATED(__)? plugin classes

0.04      2006-06-06
          implement per-factory classes

0.03      2005-12-21
          add prereqs (thanks to BSMITH for bug report)
          reenable taint mode in tests (thanks to newer M::Pluggable)
          for cumulative methods, skip classes that don't implement them

0.02      2005-11-29
          added textarea and link

0.01      2005-11-19
          first release. share and enjoy