Revision history for Perl module HTTP::Client

1.57 2014-06-20
    - If you're running an old version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker, we put
      the TEST_REQUIRES into PREREQ_PM. Had a couple of CPAN Testers
      failures from setups running EU::MM < 6.64.

1.56 2014-02-04

    - Moved testsuite (such as it is) into t/,
      and refactored to use Test::More
    - use LWP::Online to only run online tests if online
    - Min perl version 5.6.0 (was set to 5.8)
    - Added min perl version to metadata
    - Added strict and warnings to PREREQ_PM
    - Added github repo to pod
    - Various pod tidy-ups

1.55 2013-11-10

    - Specified license as 'perl' in metadata (via Makefile.PL)
    - Added github repo to metadata (via Makefile.PL)

1.54 2012-09-27

    - Fixed bug where doing multiple requests with the same instance
      would return all results from previous requests concatenated together.
      RT#79889 reported by Alex K.

1.53 2012-09-01

    - Updated Documentation and Makefile.PL to acknowledge the original
      author (Lincoln Ombelets), now I know who he is.

1.52 2012-01-15

    - Neil Bowers took over maintenance
    - removed code which referred to an undeclared variable in get() method
    - the get() method was always appending a '/' to the URL, which caused
      an URL containing a filename to fail.
    - the testsuite didn't include a trailing '/' on the test URL, so once
      the previous hack was removed, the testsuite failed. This is due to
      a limitation in HTTP::Lite
    - Formatted this file according to CPAN::Changes::Spec

1.43 2005-08-23

	- original version