Revision history for HTTP::DAV
  v0.49 (released 2018/11/28):
    *   bug fixes

        Fixed perl shebang line in "dave" script, for ExtUtils::MakeMaker to
        correctly replace it. Closes "RT#127819".

        Fixed "propfind" response handling to also consider successful an
        HTTP 207 status code. Closes "RT#127591".

        Fixed "clone()" method to properly respect the class name. Closes
        "RT#123528". Thanks to Ricardo Signes for the patch.

    *   documentation fixes

        Fixed various pod issues raised by Debian contributor
        "". Closes "RT#119878".

  v0.48 (released 2015/03/26):
    *   bug fixes

        "RT#103126", fixed faulty code to add trailing slash to URLs.

  v0.47 (released 2012/03/24):
    *   bug fixes

        Improve "propfind()" resilience when server response contains
        broken, truncated or no XML at all. RT#75011.

  v0.46 (released 2012/01/11):
    *   improvements

        HTTP::DAV should now be working with more WebDAV servers.

        We are more flexible in what content types we consider to be XML.
        Thanks Ron1 and Adam for the feedback and patches.

  v0.45 (released 2011/09/18):
    *   bug fixes

          - Fixed RT #69439 (,
            insecure /tmp files handling in dave client.

    *   improvements

          - Added -tmpdir option to dave client.
          - Reorganized distribution layout to match usual CPAN practice
          - Removed remains of svn-era ($Id and such...)

  v0.44 (released 2011/06/19):
    *   bug fixes

          - Fixed RT #68936 (,
            Fixed errors() method that would bomb out when the "_errors" attribute
            wasn't initialized. Thanks to Michael Lackoff for reporting.

  v0.43 (released 2011/04/12):
    *   bug fixes

          - Fixed RT #38677 (,
            Intercept correctly 405 (Method now allowed) errors and report them
            to the clients.

  v0.42 (released 2010/11/07):
    *   bug fixes

          - Fixed RT #60457 (,
            Added and documented possibility to pass your own custom HTTP headers.
          - Fixed errors in the code examples in the synopsis.

  v0.41 (released 2010/07/24):
    *   bug fixes

          - Fixed RT #59674 (,
                When SSL support is needed but not installed, a more specific
            error messages is now displayed, instead of "not DAV enabled or not accessible".

  v0.40 (released 2010/01/27):
    *   bug fixes

          - Fixed RT #47500 (,
                HTTP::DAV::Comms->credentials() method erroneously autovivified
                basic authentication internal values, causing wrong or undefined
                credentials to be sent out, or credentials to be "forgot" by HTTP::DAV.

  v0.39 (released 2009/12/12):
    *   bug fixes

          - Fixed RT #52665 (,
                Using dave or propfind() on URLs containing escaped chars (%xx) could fail,
                due to upper/lower case differences. Thanks to cebjyre for the patch
                and the test case.

  v0.38 (released 2009/06/09):
    *   bug fixes

          - Fixed RT #14506 (,
            about the missing get_lastresponse() method. It was a documentation bug.

          - Fixed RT #29788 (,
            avoid file corruptions on Win32 when calling HTTP::DAV::get() method.

          - Fixed RT #31014 (,
            probably already in v0.34, since it seems related to propfind() "depth" bug.

  v0.37 (released 2009/03/24):
    *   bug fixes

          - Fixed RT #44409 (,
            Small bug in HTTP::DAV::put(). Passing a reference as local content resulted
                in the "SCALAR(0x12345678)" being logged instead of the real scalar.

  v0.36 (released 2009/02/25):
    *   bug fixes

          - Fixed RT #19616 (,
            LWP::UserAgent::redirect_ok() is not changed anymore. We're subclassing
            it from HTTP::DAV::UserAgent and overriding redirect_ok() there.

          - Fixed RT #42877 (,
            HTTP::DAV::UserAgent::credentials() has been modified to behave like
            LWP::UserAgent::credentials(), otherwise basic authentication breakages
            can occur.

          - Fixed a problem with C<-depth> argument to C<HTTP::DAV::propfind()> that
            could lead to massive performance degradation, especially when running
                C<propfind()> against large folders.
                C<-depth> was set to 1 even when passed as zero.

  v0.35 (released 2008/11/03):
    *   bug fixes

          - Fixed RT #40318 (,
            about getting single or multiple files directly to \*STDOUT.

  v0.34 (released 2008/09/11):
    *   bug fixes

          - Fixed RT #39150 (,
            about downloading multiple files in the same directory.

  v0.33 (released 2008/08/24):
    *   documentation

          - Clearly state that opera software asa is now co-maintainer of http::dav

          - Fixed various inconsistencies in the v0.32 documentation

  v0.32 (released 2008/08/24):
    *   incompatibilities

         - Now HTTP::DAV requires Perl 5.6.0+ and Scalar::Util (core in 5.8.x).

    *   bug fixes

         - Now HTTP::DAV objects are correctly released from memory when
           they go out of scope. Now it should be possible to use multiple instances
           of HTTP::DAV even in long-running processes.

           Was caused by circular references between HTTP::DAV and HTTP::DAV::Resource.

  v0.31 (released 2002/04/13):
    *   Apache 2 mod_dav support

         - Now works with mod_dav under Apache 2.

    *   bug fixes

         - Fixed bug to correctly handle the put/get of filenames with spaces in them.

         - Fixed bug to allow the PUT of empty files.

         - put() now uses binmode so that it works under Windows.

         - HTTP redirect code added in the previous release was incorrectly returning a HTTP::Response instead of a HTTP::DAV::Response

         - Fixed bug to allow https for copy and move (http:// was hardcoded).

         - Fixed strange copy/move bug for Apache2.0's mod_dav.

  v0.29 (released 2001/10/31):
    *   https

        https support as provided from the underlying LWP library has been
        tested against mod_dav and mod_ssl. Seems to work well. See
        INSTALLATION for more detail.

    *   Digest authentication

        Requires MD5 to be installed. See INSTALLATION notes.

    *   various bug fixes

    *   more powerful callback support for get()

        Useful for giving progress indicators.

    *   get() to filehandles and scalar references

        the get() routine now allows you to pass by reference a filehandle
        or scalar in which to save the contents of the GET request.

    *   added namespace abbreviations in proppatch

        Thanks to Jeremy for this patch.

    *   improved redirect handling in

        Thanks to Jeremy for this patch.

  v0.23 (released 2001/09/07):
    *   file globbing for get and put

        HTTP::DAV::get() and HTTP::DAV::put() now supports file globs. This
        functionality also propagates to dave. This allows you to do the

         dav> put /tmp/index*.html
         dav> get index[12].htm? /tmp

         ?,* and sets ([]) are supported. See the docs for details.

        HTTP::DAV now requires the Perl module File::Glob which comes
        bundled with perl5.6 and later.

    *   bug fix in -overwrite flag in HTTP::DAV::copy/move.

  v0.22 (released 2001/09/03)
    Complete overhaul of API, recursive get and put, addition of dave.

    *   dave -- the new command line client

        I wrote dave (the DAV Explorer) because I needed an end-user
        application that allowed me to "feel" how well the HTTP::DAV API was
        performing. dave is quite similar to Joe Orton's C-based DAV client
        called cadaver (yes, imitation is the best form of flattery).

    *   A new and simpler API

        This new API is accessed directly through the HTTP::DAV module and
        is based on the core API written in previous releases.

    *   new methods

        The new API now supports, proppatch, recursive get and put.

    *   A substantial core API overhaul

        Moving from v0.05 to v0.22 in one release might indicate the amount
        of work gone into this release.

    *   A new interoperability test suite

        is now included in PerlDAV. The test suite is built on top of the
        standard Perl Test::Harness modules. Still in development, the test
        suite is highlighting interoperability problems with DAV-servers a
        lot quicker than before. See "the test suite & interoperability"

  v0.05 (released 2001/07/24)
    General bug fixes and addition of proppatch

     - added PROPPATCH method to HTTP::DAV::Resource, thanks to Sylvain Plancon.
     - fixed uninitialized warnings in test scripts.
     - fixed new lock bug in DAV::Lock, thanks to Ben Evans
     - fixed dumb mistake where PUT was calling get instead of put, 
       thanks to Sylvain and Ben again.
     - fixed call to Utils::bad, thanks to Sylvain

  v0.04 (released 2000/04/25)
    Initial Release

     - supports PUT,GET,MLCOL,DELETE,OPTIONS,PROPFIND,LOCK,UNLOCK,steal_lock,lock_discovery

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