0.3  Mar 25 2010

     * Add CONFIG_REQUIRES EU::MM 6.56 to work around a FAIL from a 
       tester with an old EU::MM that didn't understand BUILD_REQUIRES.
     * Updated t/01test.t to use a proper URL so it tests getting 
       a .pac file from the net.
     * Optimized reading file from the internet for new(URL).
     * Eliminated dependence on POSIX.

0.2  Mar 13 2010

     updated by Craig MacKenna:
     * improved JavaScript to perl translation:
       ** enclosed single statements after if()/for()/while()/else/do
          in {} as required by perl but not JavaScript or C
       ** translated JavaScript 'else if' to perl 'elsif'
       ** translated JavaScript relational operators '==', '<', etc.
          to perl 'eq', 'lt', etc.
       ** improved variable recognition/translation
     * 'new' takes path to file as well as URL as its operand
     * included fatal error message if the JS->perl translation is bad
       (easier for user to see problem)
     * fixed regexp character escapes in shExpMatch function
     * added two lightweight tests

0.1  May 2001
  - First version.  You can't talk to a pac file that has anything
    that is even remotely JavaScript except for the functions that
    are explicity defined for this.