Change history for HTTP::Tiny::Multipart

0.07  2017-08-12

      * Added META.json

0.06  2017-08-12

      * Small fix in the examples

0.05  2015-09-22

      * If $1 is defined from a previous regex match, the Content-Type of the request is incorrect.  The fix is to only use $1 and $2 if the regex matched. (Infinoid, github #3)

0.04  2015-06-05

      * Fix out-by-one error on last_boundary (sdt, github#1)

      * Small fixups for second pod example (sdt, github#2)

      * Added basic tests for _build_content
      * Added basic tests for multipart post

0.03  2014-08-26

      add more documentation
      set content-type for fileuploads if a content-type is defined

0.02  2013-09-13T17:36:55

      return the parts of the body
      parts are a arrayref, need to deref when using join
      set the filename for fileuploads

0.01  2013-09-13T16:47:32

      initial release