Revision history for Perl extension Heap::Simple::XS.

	- dirty strings
        - add tests for self-locking
        - taint (and utf8 ?) propegation testing of accessors
	- calling perlops without being sure there is a pad target is a bug
        - Deleting/adjusting
	- Higher splitfactor (better for the cache). Maybe go for 4
          (highest factor that doesn't increase the amount of compares)
	- Stop being a flat distribution

0.10	2008-01-13
	- Pure bug fix release, no functional changes
	- added "ppm_install" and "ppm_update" make targets
	- Fix for perl 5.10 which doesn't have PP_SLT and PP_SGT anymore
	- Added PackageTools based versioning
	- used "our" making it incompatible with old perls. Fixed
	- Newer version of ppport.h
	- Fix an indexing (and infinite loop) bug in _key_absorb

0.09	2005-11-30
	- order_name called with unknown order reported wrong id.
	  (bug, but one that should be impossible to ever trigger)
	- added a #define packWARN for older perls that don't have it yet

0.08	2005-11-20
	- Remove pointless sv_reftype test from object access.
	- Add extract_all
	- absorb and key_absorb now take any number of heaps as argument
          instead of absorbing exactly one.
        - Add mass insert/key_insert/_key_insert. Use them in absorb
	- Added merge_arrays

0.07	2005-07-27
	- removed a stray print from t/speed_array
	- added a forgotten static to option()
        - call_method -> call_sv for Object types
	- use no-stealing mortalcopies
	- Start using PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT.
	- Replaced :: by - in author email address (easier quoting for mailers)
	- use size_t to index the data array. This should select the minimal
	  sensible data width.
	- Replaced sv_derived_from object access by much more sophisticated
        - Don't run benchmarks unless asked for during Makefile.PL

0.06	2004-11-12
	- perl 5.6.1 doesn't yet have XST_mUV or XSRETURN_UV, nor were they in
	  the distributed ppport.h. Updated to a new ppport.h
	- Some tests triggered a 5.6.1 issue where -0 differs from 0
	- One of the ties in the magic test was one reference too deep

0.05	2004-11-07
	- Removed a few unused variables
        - Add a few returns at unreachable places after croak to shut up
          compilers that think not all control paths return a value
	- Call pp_xxx through the ppaddr table so we don't need to link them

0.04	2004-11-06
	- A few declaration were in the middle of code which is an error
          on strict C compilers
	- Try to define infinity in a more portable way
        - Added a basic "load the module directly" test since the indirection
          through Heap::Simple hides load errors.
        - Remove "use warnings" everywhere to give people a fighting chance to
          get the module working on perls before 5.6

0.03	2004-11-05
	- self-lock during DESTROY too
	- Added a few forgotten aTHX_ arguments to key_insert (reported by
          Mike Castle, thanks).
	- dropped useless load of Carp in

0.02	2004-10-26
	- Document that dirty Array and Hash types for numeric orders will
          be effectively wrapped.
	- Document the use of dirty NV keys for types Any and Object.
        - Didn't properly free stuff already allocated if new croaks (bugfix)

0.01	2004-10-25
        - First releasable version.

0.00	2004-10-12
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-n Heap::Simple::XS