Revision history for Perl extension HtDig::Config.

0.01  Wed Dec 29 22:37:14 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19

0.02  Tue Feb 08
	*fixed timed digs for unix systems (currently uses "at" only)
	*dig() now returns the "at" queue job number for timed digs
	- view_site.cgi:
	*fixed the dig_later action so it properly set the notify flag
	*also fixed dig_later so it sets the status message to indicate
	  that the number is the job number not the process ID

	*fixed problem with autocreation creating invalid perl syntax
	 for include file.
	*fixed problem with autocreate not being used when cgi is first
	*created new file that initializes conf files and
	 installs the cgi files.