ICC Modules Revisions


- uploaded the ICC::Profile v0.8 distribution to CPAN. this version is used by PressCal 16U.


- modified 'remove_cols' method of 'Chart.pm' by adding filter to translate non-numeric column parameters, as in 'write' method.


- modified '00_bootstrap.t' and several other test scripts to add the current directory to @INC. the '.' directory was removed from @INC in Perl 5.26, which caused test failures in recent Perl versions.

- uploaded the ICC::Profile v0.81 distribution to CPAN.


- modified '_writeCxF3colorspec' function of 'Chart.pm' to not add missing 'DeviceFilter' nodes for 'M1' and 'M3' illumination. removed the code to add 'Polarization' flag node. these nodes caused i1Profiler to fail when opening our files.