Revision history for IO-Ppoll

0.12    2015/08/31 19:11:45
         * Added ->mask_add and ->mask_del methods
         * "use strict; use warnings" in all unit tests
         * Miscellaneous updates to build system and documentation style
            + Use M::B's test_requires
            + Barename method documentation

0.11    BUGFIXES:
         * Apply Nicholas Clark's patch to fix for current bleadperl (5.15.3)

0.10    CHANGES:
         * Use XSLoader instead of DynaLoader
         * import Exporter::import instead of @ISAing it
         * Use ExtUtils::CChecker for build checking

0.09    CHANGES:
         * Added 'use warnings'
         * Some documentation fixes
         * Varions small updates to keep CPANTS happy

0.08    BUGFIXES:
         * Fix off-by-one error when removing an fd which causes an
           uninitialised pollfd element to enter the set instead
         * Use dedicated pipe in test script rather than STDIN/STDOUT, which
           the containing test system may have altered in ways that make our
           test fail

0.07    BUGFIXES:
         * Support perls older than 5.8 which don't have mPUSHi by #defining

0.06    BUGFIXES:
         * Better compatibility with IO::Poll; return false from ->events when
           given an unknown handle, rather than undef

0.05    BUGFIXES:
         * Make sure that ->poll( undef ) works and doesn't throw a warning

0.04    BUGFIXES:
         * Avoid three-arg open in Build.PL to keep perl 5.5 happy

0.03    BUGFIXES:
         * Changes to build system to detect Linux kernel version and Glibc
         * Get Module::Build to create Makefile.PL.

0.02    BUGFIXES:
         * Don't upset perl 5.6.2's POSIX::sigprocmask() by passing 'undef'
           as oldsigmask

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.