Revision history for Perl module IO::Prompt::Hooked

0.10 2013-03-26
  - Fixed another POD example.  No other changes.

0.09 2013-03-07
  - Fixed an example in the POD's SYNOPSIS.

0.08 2012-11-08
  - Fix distribution metadata to specify proper module version.
  - Fixed t/09-changes.t for Perl::Critic compliance.
  - Removed 'Carp' dependency; no exceptions thrown explicitly by
    IO::Prompt::Hooked. (IO::Prompt::Tiny could still throw).
  - Minor POD revisions.

0.07 2012-11-08
  - If 'message' parameter is unspecified or set to undef, use an empty
    string instead so that we don't cause IO::Prompt::Tiny::prompt to
  - Added tests to verify graceful handling of no message.

0.06 2012-11-02
  - "Changes" is now W3CDTF and CPAN::Changes::Spec compliant.
  - Added author only RELEASE_TESTING test: t/09-changes.t to verify 

0.05 2012-10-22
  - Set default number of tries if tries isn't already set to a positive
    number in non-interactive mode.  This fixes the endless loop 
    condition that could occur if default fails to validate in 
    non-interactive mode.
  - Tests now manage interactive mode detection more directly.
  - POD now explains new "tries" bevavior in non-interactive mode.
  - Param validation simplified.
  - Devel::Cover now reports 100% coverage.
  - Set minimum Perl version to 5.6.0.

0.04 2012-10-19
  - Changed how _is_interactive() is imported into module (tracking
    down an elusive *BSD test suite FAIL).
  - Added several tests to t/20-logic.t to try to track down the bug.
  - Tests added to bring coverage to 96.9%.

0.03 2012-10-11
  - Fixed a test in 20-logic.t that was generating warnings under 
    Perl 5.8.x.
  - Took a closer look at Perl::Critic advice (made a couple of 
    minor changes).
  - Removed Capture::Tiny dependency from t/20-logic.t (it wasn't
    being used there anyway).
  - Added Capture::Tiny dependency to BUILD_REQUIRES in Makefile.PL
    for 30-io_prompt_tiny.t.

0.02 2012-10-11
  - Localized and unset the PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT in two tests where
    smoke testers might have been running with it set, thus breaking
    the tests.

0.01 2012-10-09
  - Initial release.
  - Based on IO::Prompt::Tiny