Revision history for IO-Pty-Easy

0.10  2016-05-28
    - Fix documentation of the spawn method

0.09  2012-03-05
    - Close the underlying pty before trying to kill it, to give programs that
      clean up on EOF time to do that
    - Other various cleanups

0.08  2009-10-10
    - Fixed some circular references, should fix global destruction issues
      (reported by kbrint, RT#50373)

0.07  2009-07-07
    - Add a constructor option 'raw' (default true) to configure whether the
      pty should be set to raw mode on spawn.
    - Don't ever automatically set the master side of the pty to raw, since
      it's controlled by the parent process (I don't think this should break
    - Build system changed to Dist::Zilla

0.06  2009-07-06
    - Localize $@ and $? in the destructor
    - Convert the module to use the actual pty object as the class instance,
      rather than hiding it away in the hashref - now things like fileno($pty)
      will do what you expect. This is potentially backwards-incompatible if
      you have been digging around in the hash prior to this.
    - Add a few accessors for the object state

0.05  2009-02-04
    - Fix read() returning undef on timeout

0.04  2009-02-03
    - Don't mess with SIGCHLD, it breaks system() and ``
    - Don't die if $pty->close is called multiple times (and close on DESTROY)
    - Don't mess with SIGWINCH if we weren't the ones that set it up
    - Sleep while waiting for a process to die, rather than spinning
    - FreeBSD should pass all tests now (sorear)

0.03  2007-08-20
    - Make sure stdin/out are connected to a tty before trying to clone winsize
      from them
    - Fix the subprocess test so that it waits for the read before the
      subprocess dies

0.02  2007-08-17
    - Made calls which could possibly terminate the subprocess blocking by
    - A few other minor bug fixes, doc fixes, and general cleanups

0.01  2007-08-17
    - Initial release