- Fix new_from_fd/new_from_socket which was broken since 0.69

   - Fix tests: rt#118522

   - Fix start_SOCKS() which may be broken in two previous releases: rt#118471

   - Fix non-blocking connections when IO::Socket::INET used as base class

   - Several clarifications and fixes for UDP proxying
   - Add support for non-blocking multi-homed connect to proxy

   - try to play well with multiple connections attempts which IO::Socket::IP backend may produce

   - properly push $SOCKET_CLASS defined before loading to @ISA
   - fix annoying warning about @ISA

   - IPv6 support for SOCKS protocol
   - IPv6 support for socket layer (requires IO::Socket::IP 0.36+)
   - new $SOCKET_CLASS variable
   - several non-critical internal fixes and doc updates

   - Fix tests failures on OS X (#rt97619)
   - Clean up documentation a little bit
   - Do not run slow tests if environment variable SOCKS_SLOW_TESTS is not true

   - start_SOCKS() method added

   - Ignore SIGPIPE on write
   - $SOCKS_ERROR is readonly now
   - Ability to make server which understands both 4 and 5 version on the same port
   - version() method added
   - Prevent recreation of the passed socket by new_from_fd/new_from_socket

  - Some tests didn't work without internet connection because of the resolving on client side. Fixed
  - New socket after server accept didn't inherit SocksResolve parameter. Fixed
  - Removed automatically resolving hostname to ip in socks4a server accept. This should be done in the program, not in this library
  - command() on the server side now in addition returns address type as last value (ADDR_DOMAINNAME or ADDR_IPV4)
  - Fix for $! test on Solaris and ready() time measurement on OpenBSD

  - Set $! to ESOCKPROTO (new module constant) on error in the protocol
  - Set $@ on error
  - $SOCKS_ERROR now behaves more like $!: string or number in appropriate contexts
  - Return socket to non-blocking state after new_from_fd if socket was non-blocking before

  - Added support for non-blocking clients accept on the server side
  - new_from_fd() is now alias to new_from_socket()

  - Non-blocking connect on BSD systems could break connection with ENOTCONN error
  - Spelling patch from the debian project was applied

  - Added support for non-blocking connect/bind operations on the client side
  - $SOCKS_DEBUG variable added, debug now to STDERR instead STDOUT
  - Real tests added

  - UDP associate support added. It closes Bug #39216
  - method new_from_socket() added. It needed for IO::Socket::Socks::Wrapper module
  - command() method on the client added. It allows to create socks chains and other cool things

  - clarified the issue with the license (Bug #44047)
  - socks bind support added
  - improvements in the documentation

  - fixed possible SIGPIPE (Bug #62997)
  - blocking reading and writing replaced by non-blocking equivalents, so `Timeout' option now documented and works
  - added support for socks v4, both server and client
  - some bug fixes
  - Initial version.