IO-Util Latest Versions Changes

Version 1.5
- Added Time::HiRes and Sys::Hostname as prerequisites
- Changed tests '04_uniqid.t' '04_uniqid_no_import.t'

Version 1.49
- Added the 'SPLIT_LINES' mml handler and tests 

Version 1.48
- Fixed incompatibility with perl version < 5.8x of the capture function;
  the fix excludes the usage of other tied class :-(

Version 1.47
- Maintainance release. A few minor changes

Version 1.46
- Fixed bug in nested capture, introduced with v1.45
- Simplified the capture implementation
- Added a few tests

Version 1.45
- Full reimplemention of the capture() function, greatly improved
- Removed the Tie::Handle dependency
- Improvement of the slurp() function
- Added the 'markers' option in the load_mml function and tests.

Version 1.44
- Fixed missing quotes in the slurp and _path_mtime function
- Added the 'optional' option in the load_mml function

Version 1.43
- Added HASH reference check of parsed MML.
- load_mml options are now passable as plain name=>value pairs
- A few test and POD changes

Version 1.42
- Little improvement of the capture function (syswrite support)

Version 1.41
- Fixed capture bug related to unimplemented tied methods
- Created the internal IO::Util::Handle class based on Tie::StdHandle

Version 1.4
- Added perl 5.6.1 version check in Makefile.PL
- Added SKIP block in unique id tests if Time::HiRes is not installed
- Added load_mml() function (loads MML data into perl structures)
- POD restyling and fixing

Version 1.3
- Added Tid(), Lid() and Uid() functions and tests

Version 1.26
- Fixed bug in the capture function when run with -T

Version 1.25
- Fixed bug in the slurp function when run with -T

Version 1.24
- Eliminated version check and installation feedback system
  ("phone home" opt-out) from Makefile.PL to make Randal L Schwartz happy :-)
  and sad the author :-(

Version 1.23
- Minor POD changes

Version 1.22
- Changed Makefile.PL version check

Version 1.21
- Fixed nested capture problem (now the nested capture does not
  capture multiple time the same output)

Version 1.2
- Extended compatibility with perl 5.6.1 (it didn't work on some build)
- Added the slurp function
- Some POD fixing

Version 1.11
- Fixed $IO::Util::VERSION required by CGI::Builder and Template::Magic

Version 1.1
- Fixed catching for already tied filehandlers
- Fixed appending of output record separator
- Added 'prinf' catching
- POD fixes

Version 1.01
- More strict coding, trying to avoid test failure on MSWin32-x86-multi-thread

Version 1.0
- first public release