Revision history for IPC::Exe

2.002001  2011/11/14
          + Added syntax sugar: @REDIRECTS can be specified after LIST.
          + Redirects may be specified with file descriptors > 2. They refer to
            temporary filehandles that may be used for intermediate redirection.
            Those filehandles do not necessarily have the same fd fileno.
          - A &READER that dies will not leave STDIN in a bad state.
          - Better localization of error variables.

2.001001  2011/10/22
          + Able to pass scalar references to \%EXE_OPTIONS for 'pid', 'stdin',
            'stdout', and 'stderr' options. Each referenced scalar will be
            assigned its corresponding value and will not be returned by exe().
          + &PREEXEC can return array references to perform open().
            If references to array refs are returned, perform sysopen() instead.
          + Added taint checking.
          + Raised minimum Perl version required to v5.8.8.
            This is for better handling of filehandles and PerlIO layers.
          + Changed release to semantic versioning.
          - Pass along $@ upon each call to exe().
            Do not modify $@ for bg().

1.010    2010/07/25
         - Pass along $! and $^E upon each call to exe().
           Do not modify $?, $! and $^E for bg().
         - Hopeful robustness improvements for non-Unix.

1.009    2009/10/03
         - Do not wait on child with returned STDOUT/STDERR filehandles.
         - Removed dependency on POSIX module.
         - Minor pod rearrangement.

1.008    2009/05/13
         - Added: arguments, exit_waitpid and exit_close_pipe tests.
         - Changed: tests no longer use ualarm() because it is unavailable sometimes.
         - Further improvement of non-Unix quoting.
         - Cleaned up aliasing code.
         - Tried another fix for smoke test failures duplicating STDIN.

1.007    2009/05/05
         - Changed: removed POSIX::_exit() because it got in the way of threads.
           Unfortunately, END blocks are performed as a result of die() or exit().
           I haven't found a reliable way to avoid END blocks inside a thread.
           Addressed by updating CAVEAT section in pod.

         - Added: $IPC::Exe::is_forked to tell if code is not in main process/thread.
           Added is_forked test.

         - Fixed: smoke test failures duplicating STDIN. We'll see if the fix works.
         - Added: check for undef values in LIST. Added undef_cmd test.
         - Minor pod corrections.

1.006    2009/05/02
         - RT #45413: A chain of trivial scripts is stuck under Win2k, works under Linux
           Threaded fork-emulation has limitations.
           Addressed by updating CAVEAT section in pod.
           Added *_pipe tests to account for this.

         - RT #45263: wrong constant intermediate exit code
           Fixed: $? was getting clobbered by waitpid(). Added exit tests.

         - &READER is now called with ($child_pid, LIST) as arguments.
           $child_pid allows waitpid($_[0], 0); to be called in &READER to set $?

         - Deprecated 'exec' option in %EXE_OPTIONS. No more use of system().
         - Changed: improved non-Unix quoting. Added quoting test.
         - Added: manually flush STDERR/STDOUT after &PREEXEC.
         - Added: use POSIX::_exit() upon failed exec to avoid calling END blocks.
         - Added: use lib "../lib"; to examples/*.pl
         - Minor changes to "README" and "Makefile.PL".

1.005    2009/04/21
         - Fixed: unknown open() mode '>&' to be compatible with Perl 5.6+.
         - Minor changes.
         - Added: LICENSE to "META.yml".

1.004    2009/04/20
         - Fixed: found = in conditional, should be ==.
           use warnings; doesn't understand what I mean.

1.003    2009/04/20
         - Changed: exec() failure code sequence.
         - Fixed: unknown open() mode '<&' to be compatible with Perl 5.6+.
         - Fixed: minor mistakes in pod.
         - Added: PREREQ_PM for POSIX module.

1.002    2009/04/17
         - Fixed: barewords STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR while "strict subs".
         - Extracted examples into new EXAMPLES section in pod.
         - Included "META.yml" in dist.
         - Extracted license info from "README" into its own file "LICENSE".
         - Skip 'background' test in "02_IPC-Exe.t" if not in DEBUG mode.
           Testing bg() requires manual inspection.

1.001    2009/04/02
         - Initial revision.