Changelog for IPC-OpenAny

0.005 2012-06-02T00:16:54
 [Stephen R. Scaffidi <>]
 - added caveats section to pod

 - added dzil plugin for readme from pod and tweaks to pod

 - now using GitHub::Meta dzil plugin

 - use waitpid instead of wait

v0.004 2012-05-31T14:25:55
 [Stephen R. Scaffidi <>]
 - removed unnecessary diag from test

 - more tests

v0.003 2012-05-30T22:41:27
 [Stephen R. Scaffidi <>]
 - ready for release

v0.002 2012-05-30T22:28:48
 [Stephen R. Scaffidi <>]
 - yaay, testingmania likes me\!

 - tweaks to cleanup for release

 - cleanup for CPAN

 - initial commit