Version 1.0

    * Resolve ticket --
      LANG-related CPANTs failures in t/pipeline.t

Version 0.9

    * Resolve ticket

    * Fix functionality with 5.19+

Version 0.8

    * Resolve ticket

Version 0.7

    * No functional changes

    * Improve documentation

    * Prevent building on MSWin32, due to lack of dup2() availability

    * Require 5.8.1, not 5.8.0

Version 0.6

    * Ensure unit tests pass on Perl 5.8; declare a dependency on that version
      of Perl in Makefile.PL

    * Fix incorrect LICENSE declaration in Makefile.PL

    * die() when standard input, output, or error arguments, even placeholders,
      are not specified

    * Always dup2() child process stderr fds to a standard error pipe, whether
      or not an lvalue is passed for the stderr reader

    * Will now return an ARRAY ref of pids in scalar context

    * Remove dependency on Test::Exception in unit tests to allow for possible
      future Perl 5.6 support, as Test::Exception does not build under those
      circumstances currently

Version 0.5

    * Reassigned to the Perl artistic license under the cPanel copyright.

Version 0.4

    * Pare down superfluous bits of IPC::Pipeline

    * Maximize unit test coverage, excluding any portions which test code
      that would run in a subprocess

    * Implicitly use POSIX module without an import() call

    * Only list Test:: dependencies as build-time dependencies in

    * Minor tweaks to code for style, consistency, and a small unchecked
      exec() bug

    * Implement support for executing CODE refs as parts of a pipeline

    * Improve and reorganize documentation into smaller sections

Version 0.3

    A release to fix documentation which was inconsistent with the previous
    implementation regarding the way the file handle positional parameters
    were being handled.  This also fixes the code to allow receipt of file
    typeglobs, numeric file descriptors, and the usual positional scalar
    substitution method.  Note that an implicit dependency upon POSIX::dup2()
    is now made if numeric file descriptors are passed, as a workaround to
    undesirable multiple calls to the dup2() system call by Perl's open()
    when used in the expected (but unexpectedly resultant) manner.

    Some 80-column comment tweaks are also made in this release.

Version 0.2

    Initial release, 2 June 2010.