2012/07/01 version 1.17

Document -file_format, -quality_percent common attributes.

2011/07/10 version 1.16

New diamond() method.

2011/02/15 version 1.15

Tests use plain Test.pm

2011/01/26 version 1.14

Oops, actual add_colours() code, not just docs.

2011/01/23 version 1.13

Add add_colours() base method.
Document some common attributes like -file.

2010/11/17 version 1.12

Add ellipse() $fill parameter.

2010/10/22 version 1.11

Tweak ellipse() discriminator changeover, use rectangle() for smalls.

2010/10/08 version 1.10

Enhance rectangle() unfilled to not overlap drawn pixels.

2010/10/04 version 1.09

Fix ellipse() on even width or height.
    - avoid calling xy() with 0.5 fractional position
    - helps drawing of right/bottom edges depending how subclasses rounded
Fix ellipse() horizontal ends when small height and big width.
Docs cross reference modules extending Image::Base.

2010/09/18 version 1.08

Fix line() for shallow slope rounding.
Fix line() for steep slope pixel spacing.


Added some basic drawing methods. Minor documentation changes.