Revision history for Image-DS9

0.188     2017-10-27 17:02:12-04:00 America/New_York


    * reduce sleeps between polls during wait() by using Time::HiRes and
      a sub-second poll time.

    * if auto_start is specified, a ds9 process will be created if one
      can't be connected to.

    * if kill_on_destroy is specified, the ds9 process will be terminated
      when the Image::DS9 object is destroyed.

0.187     2017-05-17 14:45:35-04:00 America/New_York

  [ BUILD ]

    * switch to Dist::Zilla
    * make tests compatable with ds9 v 7.5 output
    * make compatible with Perl 5.26's no '.' in @INC.

0.186	2016-08-10T12:21:52-0400

  [ BUILD ]

    * add repository information to metadata

0.185	2016-08-10T11:43:07-0400

  [ TEST FIX ]

    * newer versions of ds9 only allow printing over 'local'

0.184	2016-02-26T17:14:58-0500

  [ BUILD ]

    * modernized layout
    * tests pass against ds9 v7.4. (does *not* support full DS9 API)
    * problem with hanging after starting ds9 in tests fixed.

0.183	2013-04-25T15:17:57-0400

  [ BUILD ]

    *  tests updated

0.182	2009-12-16T20:26:22-05:00

        - updated grammar to match DS9 5.7 for commands cd, frame,
          height, width, view, frame
	- fixed broken wcs append & replace
        - added pan query for just physical & image

0.181	2009-06-01T11:52:22-04:00

        - tests now pass against ds9 5.6.3.  They have not been extended
	  to match all of the new functionality, but at least they pass.

0.18	2002-09-30T20:40:36-04:00

        - added ResErrXXX options
	- fixed contour save/load grammar
	- bin cols could return 3 values; kludge that in
	- sometimes? when DESTROY'ing object would have undefined xpa
	  object.  why?? now checks for that.
	- error message clean up in Parser
	- now accepts colormap as an alias for cmap.

0.17	2002-09-26T19:31:01-04:00

        - added Image::DS9::Constants
	- revamped test suite

0.16	2002-09-23T18:44:44-04:00

        - most of DS9's access points are now supported.

        - now uses a table driven parser to generate the methods and
          data conversion between Perl and DS9.

        - realized the futility of keeping the docs up-to-date in
	  parallel with DS9.  Now just list the options supported,
	  rather than duplicate the DS9 docs.

        - the display() and tile_mode() methods are no longer supported.
          display() was an attempt to unify tile, blink, and single
          in a clean way.  I've decided to just track the actual
	  XPA access methods rather than foist my view of how things
	  should tie together. So, display() should be replaced with
	  the appropriate calls to tile(), blink(), or single().
	  tile_mode() was really tile() all along...

        - earlier versions of this package had a gadzillion constants
          for all of the commands and subcommands and enumerated values.
          this was a real mess.  the constants are now in their own
          package (Image::DS9::OldConstants), and are deprecated.

0.15	2002-04-12T16:58:28-04:00

        - added dss()

0.14	2002-01-29T10:03:07-05:00

        - updated nservers() to track new IPC::XPA::Access API.

0.13	2002-01-11T10:01:32-05:00
	- results buffer splitting didn't ignore leading white space,
	  leading to extra leading elements in the returned array.
	- added pan function
	- added regions load and save options
	- scale(S_limits) wasn't calling _Get properly to return the limits.
	- wcs query had wrong value of res_wanthash in _Get call
	- DS9 v2.1 uses 'cmap' instead of 'colormap'.  I've switched
	  over to 'cmap' since everyone should upgrade to DS9 v2.1.

0.12	2001-10-22T10:18:27-04:00
	- removed definitions of TRUE and FALSE; was causing Export problems.

0.11	2001-10-12T13:30:36-04:00

        - implemented scale datasec
        - frame hide now takes an argument (so can do hide all)
	- frame all implemented so can get list of all frames
	- updated tile_mode so that one can set/get the grid mode attributes.

0.106	2001-08-14T12:23:50-04:00

	- more aggressive cleaning of WCS keywords

0.105	2001-08-13T14:57:52-04:00

	- colormap was incorrectly looking at $state
	  instead of $colormap when looking for the inversion tag

0.104	2001-08-13T14:18:43-04:00

        - ensured that the CTYPE? WCS keywords are surrounded by

0.103	2001-07-20T19:57:21-04:00
	- didn't create the wcs export tag

0.102	2001-03-14T19:25:17-05:00
	- Forget Rg_file in export list
	- array() may now take a one-dimensional piddle
	- cleaned up detection of piddles

0.10	2001-02-20T18:17:20-05:00

	- added invert option to colormap()
	- added save option to file()
	- added bin()
	- added crosshair()
	- added cursor()
	- added lower()
	- added raise()
	- added regions()
	- added wcs()
	- added view()
	- renamed T_Grid, T_Column, and T_Row to T_grid, T_column,

	- iconify() didn't return a true/false value (it directly
	  returned what DS9 sent it).
	- bugs fixed in display() code for queries which had errors
	- fixed up return for scale(S_limits) to be more consistent

	- Set() and Get() (low level access to XPA channel) are
	  now documented

	- cleaned up module setup code and creation of export tags
	- lots more error checking of arguments. this may make
	  following updates to DS9 a little more work, but makes
	  it easier for users of this module
	- improvements to documentation

0.09	2000-09-08T23:32:48-04:00

	- confused max index with number of elements in check
	  for correct number of arguments for scale( 'limits' )

0.08	2000-08-02T18:51:49-04:00

        - made compatible with API change in IPC::XPA v0.04.
	- _Get() now more flexible about chomping buf and messages;
	- implemented res_wanthash attribute
	- implemented verbose attribute
	- most ops arrays available as useful ones as @xxx_ops_dbg
	- cleaned up ops stuff a bit to make less problematic to add stuff
	- queries now take into account whether in list or scalar mode
          and return either the hash or the value of {buf}, respectively
	- added iconify(), mode(), orient(), rotate().
	- made scale(), zoom(), and display() queryable

0.07	2000-07-05T11:35:28-04:00

	- max_servers could default to zero if no servers
	  were running; this would cause problems later if
	  one was started up.  it now defaults to at least one.
	- $self->{res} is always updated after Set.
	- the frame show command was incorrectly implemented.

0.06	2000-05-10T13:27:29-04:00

	- renamed frame ops once more
	- renamed file ops to filetype
	- removed tile() and blink()
	- move _Set() and _Get to Set() and Get(); no docs yet
	- added display(), scale(), zoom()
	- returned buffers from Get are now chomped

0.05	2000-05-09T11:37:58-04:00

	- added more frame op tags
	- made op tags more readable (lowercased)
	- added set_attrs method (not yet documented)
	- set max_servers to nservers() in the constructure
	- fixed many stupid details I forgot when adding the file method

0.04	2000-05-08T19:30:49-04:00

	- added file method

0.03	2000-05-04T10:04:49-04:00

	- revised check for PDL to be cleaner
	- added min_servers check & croak

0.02	2000-04-26T15:19:46-04:00

	- added tile and tile_mode.
	- if max_server == 1, return nicer output from retrieves.

0.01	2000-04-25T15:17:38-04:00

	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18