Revision history for Perl extension Image::Synchronize.

2.007 2020-12-13

      - --time <file>=<timestamp> produced an internal error.

2.006 2020-12-12

      - The assumption that (like for GPSLongitude and GPSLatitude)
        XMP:GPSAltitude obtained via Image::ExifTool (at least up to
        version 12.00) includes the sign turned out to be incorrect.

2.002 - 2.005 2020-11-14

      - Fix various CPAN test problems.

2.001 2020-11-14

      - Allow camera offsets with timezones.

      - Introduce --relativefiletime.

2.000 2020-03-15

      - Change version number to resolve version number interpretation
        problems (bug #132148).

1.4.2 2019-06-08

      - FIX some POD errors.

1.4.1 2019-06-08

      - FIX RT bug #127260 by adusting Perl version requirements.

      - FIX RT bug #127261 by adjusting test.

      - FIX RT bug #129106 by adjusting test.

1.4 2019-06-08

     - Make --time recognize complete timestamps (with date and time).

     - Report the minimum level of force needed to modify each file.

     - A timestamp indicated through --time is as useful as an
       embedded timestamp.

     - Enable removal of location information through
       --location TARGET=

     - FIX: The 'P' (from GEOMPF) indicator in the report sometimes
       indicated change ('*') when it was too small to have effect on
       the embedded position.

1.3  2018-11-06

     - Detect incomplete GPS information.  Some cameras, for example
       that of the LG-H870, can record a GPS altitude (equal to 0) by
       itself, without a GPS latitude and longitude, when the camera
       doesn't know its location.

1.2  2018-04-25

     - FIX: Reject only GPS tags from the EXIF group (because they are
       incomplete), instead of accepting only GPS tags from the
       Composite group.  Now GPS tags from the XMP group are accepted.

     - If the only thing that would be changed in a file is the imsync
       version number, then suppress that change.

     - Report the number of non-zero modification time offset changes.

     - Restrict search to depth 1 when looking for subdirectories.

     - FIX: Invalid embedded timestamps weren't rejected in the proper
       way, leading to Perl warnings about undefined variables.  Now
       invalid embedded timestamps are rejected in the correct way.

     - FIX: When assigning a timestamp via the file number, the
       outcome could vary from one run to the next if there were
       multiple source files with the same file number as the target.
       Now the outcome is fully deterministic.

1.1  2018-08-24
     FIX: --time with a timestamp or timerange for target was broken.

1.0  2018-08-02
     First public version.