Revision history for Image-WordCloud

0.02_05			2012.03.23
  * Fixed strings with unicode (accented) characters being split improperly
    (reported by sukria) [issue #1]
	* Releasing all the other queued up changes in master branch. There will
	  still probably be problems with words not displaying properly or being
	  outside of the playing field. This will (hopefully) be fixed in the
	  0.04 release.


	* _max_font_size() was returning sizes that were too small. It now returns
	  a size that will scale properly in cloud()
    * 'font_path' option is now set for GD::Text objects at startup, this means
      that methods using fonts outside of cloud() should work properly. They
      WERE defaulting to the core libgd (awful) fonts.
	* Added a 'border_padding' option to new() that takes either a number in
	  pixels or a percentage.
	* Fonts now scale properly according to the aspect ratio we have to fill,
      but because of how we're placing words some still get left outside the
      image bounds. This should be less noticeable when using the
      'border_padding' option.
    * Images are now TrueColor, and not palette-based.

0.02_01			2012.02.02

	* Long words were overrunning the image bounds. Added _max_font_size() which
	  tries the longest word in each font, scaling the font size down until it
	  will fit width the image's width. (Eventually this will need to be changed
	  to handle vertical words)
	* Long FIRST words were overrunning the image bounds too. The first (largest)
	  word was not being checked to make sure its placement fit within the image.
	* Added tests so every method is covered. Added more tests for coverage.

0.01_01			2012.01.27

	First version, released on an unsuspecting world.