Revision history for Perl extension Imager::Album.

0.01  Wed Jun 26 15:12:30 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
		-X -c -n Imager::Album

0.02	Fri Jun 28 07:53:50 2002
	- Initial conversion from a hacky script to
	a modularized framework.

0.03	Mon Jul  1 02:05:54 2002
	- Fixed image selection and list maintenance code.
	Added a command list to and a gui hook 
	for calling the commands.

0.04  Mon Jul  8 01:46:57 2002
	- Added storing current captions and rotations.
	Added a caption editing thing too.

	- Images can now be reordered by dragging them in the list.
	Some export is possible too, but needs a real framework
	to be extendible.

0.06	Wed Aug 14 09:18:43 EDT 2002
	- Added a quit button, fixed export so you can name
	galleries and give an output directory.  Moved image
	export into instead of  Still rough
	around the edges.