Revision history for Imager-Bing-MapLayer

v0.1.9  2014-09-14
  [Bug Fixes]
  - Fixed bug in tile cleanup code that led to tiles not being saved.

v0.1.8  2014-09-11 19:20 BST
  - Renamed "last_cleanup_time" to "_last_cleanup_time", since this
    attribute is intended for internal use. (This probably won't
    affect anyone.)

  - Fixed POD markup for README generation.

  - Skip malloc.t test unless running author tests, since it uses too
    much memory for some cpantesters.

  [Other Changes]
  - Clean up tiles from memory before drawing new tiles.

  - Tiles cleaned up in expiration order.

v0.1.7  2014-09-09 19:28 BST

  - The Tile class now has a build_filename method that can be
    overriden when changing the filename.

  - Added more documentation.

  - Minor POD tweaks.

  - Added sections to Changes.

  - Added errstr method to Imager class.

  - _max_buffer_breadth can be configured globally in the MapLayer

  [Bug Fixes]
  - Ignore 0-byte tile files when overwrite is false.

  - Fixed bug with workaround for malloc limitations.

  [Other Changes]
  - Reduced size of _max_buffer_breadth to 4096 bytes.

  - Miscellaneous cleanup of internals.

v0.1.6  2014-09-08 19:06 BST

  - Minor POD tweaks/typo fixes.

  - Removed POD from internal modules.

  - Added a workaround for malloc limitations when drawing images that
    are too large.

  - Added Cambridge (aka "US") spelling for method names.

  [Bug Fixes]
  - Fixed method name typo.

v0.1.5  2014-07-21

  - Added test for tile subclassing.

  - Added example of subclassing to the POD.

  - Internal code refactoring and code tweaks.

  - Minor POD tweaks/typo fixes.

v0.1.4  2014-07-18

  - Added missing prereq for tests.

  - Tweaked MANIFEST rules.

  - The tile_class_type() utility function has been renamed, since it
    is meant for internal usage.

v0.1.3  2014-07-17

  - Added tile_class attribute.

  - Minor POD tweaks.

  - Removed QA tests from distribution (they are still in the repo).

v0.1.2  2014-03-11

  - Removed unnecessary dependency on Module::Install (GitHub #3)

  - Fixed inconsistent/missing versions between modules.

v0.1.1  2014-03-10

  - README now excludes unnecessary details.

  - Corrected typos in text.

v0.1.0  2014-03-05

  - First publicly-released version.