Revision history for Perl extension Inline::CPP.

  - Bump minimum Inline::C version to 0.80 for better backward compatibility.
  - Bump minimum Inline version to 0.82.

  - Whitespace cleanup in POD.
  - support Perl 5.8.1
  - show how to use typemaps - fix #36
  - doc tweak - fix #46
  - Better handling of PRD <1.90 - fix #47
  - just use EU::CppG, not roll own
  - make I::CPP data structure right for I::C::info - fix #45
  - fix problem with abstract classes that had constructors

0.75 2018-09-18
  - Fix info (print_info) to call super. (

0.74 2015-09-10
  - Require ExtUtils::CppGuess v0.11 or newer.

0.73 2015-08-08
  - Better handling of spaces in filenames.

0.72 2015-08-04
  - Tweak compiler selection on some systems.

0.71 2015-01-16
  - Get more info out of eval falure.
  - Be more idiomatic in checking class of object.

0.70 2014-12-25
  - Make t/grammar/00pod_coverage.t author-only.

0.69 2014-12-11
  - Moved CPP/ to CPP/Parser/ to facilitate 'using'
    option for pluggable parsers (INGY++).

0.68 2014-10-25
  - Found one more namespace test in need of relaxation.

0.67 2014-10-24
  - Relax namespace tests with respect to ref returning Foo or main::Foo.
    The distinction is unimportant, and different Perls act differently.

0.66 2014-10-24
  - Package identifiers may be single character.

0.65 2014-10-23
  - Identifiers may start with _ (Pre-5.120 regression in 0.64).

0.64 2014-10-23
  - Fix GH Issue #24: Downgrade gracefully if \p{XID_Start} and
    \p{XID_Continue} aren't available (pre-Perl 5.120).

0.63 2014-09-13
  - Merge pull request from William N. Braswell, Jr, fixing inheritance
    for 'classes' config option.  (PR6 - wbraswell).

0.62 2014-08-21
  - Merge pull request from William N. Braswell, Jr. fixing a problem with
    'classes' config option.
    Problem is documented:
    Pull request:
  - Fix typos and spelling errors in POD (Suggested by wbraswell)
    (Typo in copyright year for Neil, misspelling in CONTRIBUTING section.)

0.61 2014-08-21
  - POD refinement in CONTRIBUTING.

0.60 2014-08-20
  - Shift from Artistic 1.0 to Artistic 2.0 license.
    Artistic 2 notes:
    Artistic 2 license:

0.59 2014-08-14
  - Restore logic to handle FreeBSD v10+ use of clang++
    (Until EU::CG is fixed to handle this for us)

0.58 2014-08-11
  - main:: is no longer prepended to top level of single-level
    classnames, per wbraswell's suggestion.
  - Documentation for main:: quirk no longer needed; removed.
  - Explicitly support Perl 5.8.1+ (was 5.6.1, but Inline now requires
    a minimum version of 5.8.1, so we too must.

0.57 2014-08-11
  - Adapt and apply patches from William Braswell (wbraswell) implementing,
    documenting, and testing new "classes" configuration option for control
    over C++ => Perl class name mappings.

0.56 2014-08-11
  - Merge 0.54_001 changes into stable.

0.55 2014-08-07
  - Config options are case insensitive.

0.54_001 2014-08-02
  - Added TODO tests.
  - New dependency: ExtUtils::CppGuess.
  - Compiler configuration / default library configuration now provided by
  - Test t/08cppguess.t updated to diagnose detection/configuration.

0.54 2014-07-29
  - Added LICENSE file (no change to licensing, however).
  - Improved distribution version number consistency test.
  - Require a modern Inline and Inline::C (>= 0.64, 0.62, respectively).
  - Minor POD revisions and modernizations.
  - Refactoring of Makefile.PL
  - META information updated: GitHub repo, no more RT.
  - Bug tracking now on GitHub Issues.

0.53 2014-07-29
  - lib/Inline/CPP/ renamed to

0.52 2014-07-29
  - Reorganized distribution file heirarchy to conform to modern structure.
  - Silence irrelevant ntype warnings from typeconv().

0.51 2014-07-28
  - Add NAMESPACE configuration option to override a class's base namespace
    (Eliminates the need for the "Namespace Hack").
  - Tests now run recursively from subdirectories.
  - POD updates to explain NAMESPACE config option.
  - Tests for NAMESPACE config option.

0.50 2014-02-05
  - Fix POD markup error.

0.49 2014-02-03
  - Eliminate some dead code.
  - Better documentation of parallel compilation issues (which never show up
    in real-world use).

0.48 2014-01-31
  - Previous patch got misapplied.  Fixed now.  Close RT92595 again. ;)

0.47 2014-01-30
  - Applied patch from Graham Ollis closing RT#92595:
    FreeBSD v10 uses the clang++ compiler, and so do we.

0.46 2013-10-29
  - Add a newline before MODULE keyword to fix RT#89839(srezic).

0.45 2013-09-17
  - Fix POD syntax errors.
  - Remove TODO list from POD.

0.44 2013-05-17
  - Add flocking to output file handling in and Makefile.PL to prevent
    race conditions that might occur during parallel testing.
    (Note: There are still race-condition issues in Inline that will affect
    us until they're fixed.)

0.43 2013-05-04
  - Require Inline::C version 0.53 to mainstream the bug fix that addressed
    Inline's RT # 11748, and Inline::CPP's RT#84762.
  - No changes from 0.42_002 (dev) other than to bump the version number to a
    'production' number.

0.42_002 2013-04-24
  - Require Inline::C version 0.52_02, to test a fix for the bug raised in
    Inline's RT #11748, and Inline::CPP's RT #84762: Typemaps were causing INC
    to be clobbered.  Though this may be an Inline::CPP bug, the simplest fix
    turned out to be a patch to Inline::C.

0.42_001 2013-04-24
  - Added documentation on the Some::Foo::Foo problem (See the POD section,
    "The Perl Namespace Hack").
  - Removed version number from README; fewer places to make a mistake.

0.42 2012-11-02
  - POD enhancements: Explanation of what parts of C++11 do and don't map
    to Perl.  Better explanation of why templates don't work for Perl
  - POD enhancements: Example code for specifying compiler flags, and
    compiler version: CC, CCFLAGS.
  - Fixed an error in the AUTO_INCLUDE documentation.

0.41 2012-09-05
  - POD enhancements: Better description of compilation, _Inline/, and
    code-reuse (modules, distributions).

0.40_001 2012-08-24
  [ DEVELOPER'S RELEASE -- Changes to require smoke testing. ]
  - Added test to release test to test compile after wiping out pre-existing
    Inline config file.
  - Added test for consistent version numbering.
  - Added test to ensure 'LIBS' configuration directive wraps in an array-ref
  - Converted all "author" type tests to run only with RELEASE_TESTING (some
    were already that way.  Just created better consistency).
  - Bug-fix: library specification needed to be wrapped in an array-ref.
    Reported and tracked down by Paul Grinberg++.

0.40 2012-08-23
  - Added META_MERGE => provides to Makefile.PL.
  - Added another example to the POD (elipses, exceptions, overloading
  - Added a RATIONALE section to the POD.
  - POD enhancements, and clarification on reasons for Template and
    Overloading limitations.
  - Added #define __INLINE_CPP 1 to all Inline::CPP generated code to
    facilitate preprocessor logic that targets Inline::CPP code.

0.39 2012-05-07
  - All changes from 0.38_004 remain.
  - Inline::CPP::Config is now the write target for Makefile.PL rather than
    directly writing to
  - Added 09pod_coverage.t and 10kwalitee.t tests.
  - Major refactor for Inline::CPP::validate() and
  - Warnings added to all tests.
  - Explicit mention of all dependencies (even core) in Makefile.PL.
  - LICENSE tag added to Makefile.PL so that the license is properly
    identified in the META.* files.
  - MINIMUM_PERL_VERSION tag used in Makefile.PL to take advantage of
    more modern META tags.

0.38_004 2012-04-16
  - Revert Makefile.PL to 0.38_002 logic
    (remove ExtUtils::CppGuess dependency).
  - Add
  - Makefile.PL now writes to rather than
    directly to
  - Modify Makefile.PL to write to new configuration location.
  - Modify to utilize rather than expecting
    hard-coded defaults to be written directly to by Makefile.PL.
  - Make t/08cppguess.t **optional**.
  - Update MANIFEST.
  - Improved how Makefile.PL specifies minimum Perl version.
  - Makefile.PL now includes a CONFIGURE_REQUIRES directive for a version of
    ExtUtils::MakeMaker that will support important meta tags.

0.38_003 2012-03-24
  - Makefile.PL rewritten to use ExtUtils::CppGuess.  THIS IS A PRELIMINARY
  - t/08cppguess.t to provide diagnostic info regarding Makefile.PL rewrite.

0.38_002 2012-03-07
  - Bug fix for a bug introduced in refactoring code within version 0.35:
    A hash slice got (wrongly) refactored as something else.  Fixed now.
  - Fine tuned a few other recent refactoring issues.

0.38_001 2012-03-06
  - Dropped in the re-written test suite that uses Test::More.  This more
    modern test suite facilitates greater introspection for each segment of
    C++ code, and should also be easier to extend and maintain.
  - Removed dependency from distribution.
  - Shifted away from "use base 'Inline::C';" to "our @ISA =
    qw( Inline::C );" to better deal with the fact that one cannot "use"

0.38 2012-03-06
  - Added a minimum version of under BUILD_REQUIRES in
    Makefile.PL to get a good version of for the test suite.
    This fixes an issue where someone uploaded an empty distribution
    to CPAN named Test as version 0.001.  The  minimum version set for was core for Perl 5.6.0.

0.37 2012-03-05
  - Backed 'strict' out of test suite; tests began failing randomly on
    *some* minority of platforms (inexplicably).  May be a fault.
  - Test suite lacks Perl::Critic compliance on the single issue of 'strict'

0.36 2012-03-04
  - Some platforms were complaining from strictures in the test suite
    conflicting with's plan() function.  This issue should now be

0.35 2012-03-03
  - Additional code cleanup and improvements in Perl::Critic compliance.
  - All patches present in 0.34_004, including code formatting, cleanup
    Perl::Critic compliance and escaping (where necessary), and Makefile.PL
    fixes to allow NetBSD, Solaris, and Darwin platform install success.
  - Explicitly require minimum Perl version of 5.6.0.

0.34_004 2012-02-28
  - Code formatting cleanup in and
  - All code now passes Perl::Critic level 5, including test suite.
  - and are Perl::Critic level 4 compliant.
  - New NetBSD patch from Chris Smith targeting better install success on
    that platform.

0.34_003 2012-02-24
  - Add (untested) code to Makefile.PL to deal with NetBSD so that
    we can get a clean NetBSD install. EXPERIMENTAL in this version.
  - Add check to to avoid a noisy warning about undefined value
    when user code includes a subroutine with 'void' as param list.
    (Note: This does NOT add 'void' as a valid param list type.)
  - POD refinements.

0.34_002 2012-02-16
  - Patch to Makefile.PL provided by smoke tester Steven Schubiger which
    allows module to successfully install on MirBSD systems. Thanks!
  - Patch to Makefile.PL by Dave Oswald to allow successful install for
    Darwin OS by setting proper default libraries.

0.34_001 2012-02-09
  - Patched Makefile.PL (as suggested by sisyphus) to better detect proper
    Solaris compiler (targeting Solaris 2.11 bug).

0.34 2012-02-06
  - Carry all updates current in 0.33_010(Dev) to 0.34(Stable) for release
    to CPAN.
  - Set minimum version for Inline and Inline::C dependency to 0.50 to
    take advantage of Inline patch that resolves the issue where smoke
    testers were unable to locate Parse::RecDescent dependency.
  - POD revisions.
  - Inline::CPP now needs minimum Perl version of 5.6.x

0.33_010 2012-02-03
  [ Patch applied by David Oswald ]
  - *** NEVER RELEASED ***
  - Update Makefile.PL to set v0.49_02 as the minimum Inline and Inline::C
    dependency versions to further evalute smoke-tests.

0.33_009 2012-02-02
  [ Worked out patch between David Oswald and sisyphus ]
  - Roll back early loading of Parse::RecDescent.
  - Set PREREQ_PM to Inline 0.49_01 to take advantage of recent bugfix.
  - Bump version number and push to CPAN for fresh round of smoke testing.

0.33_008 2012-01-30
  [ Patches by David Oswald ]
  - Make sure that Parse::RecDescent loads ahead of Inline::C so that the
    smoke-testers incompatible @INC modifications won't cause smoke failure.
    - Add 17memberarray.t to the test suite to validate the new code that
      allows Inline::CPP to recognize arrays as class/struct data members.

0.33_007 2012-01-29
  [ Test suite patches by David Oswald ]
  - If 00load_prereqs.t does successfully load Parse::RecDescent (which it
    always seems to do), output the location it was found so it can be
    compared to @INC.

0.33_006 2012-01-22
  - *** NEVER RELEASED ***
  [ Patches by David Oswald ]
  - Set 00load_prereqs.t to BAIL_OUT if Parse::RecDescent can't be found.
  - Tweaks to the distribution framework.

0.33_005 2012-01-21
  [ Added suggestion from sisyphus ]
  - Created a 00load_prereqs.t test to provide better diagnostics when
    confronted with the "Unable to find Parse::RecDescent" error.

0.33_004 2012-01-11
  [ Patches pushed out by David Oswald ]
  - Developer release
  - Tweaked compiler flags for Microsoft compilers (per sisyphus)
  - Added github repo information to POD.
  - Added inline mailing list information to POD.

0.33_003 2011-12-22
  [ Feature added by David Oswald ]
  - Added two #define definitions to assist users in determining if the
    target compiler supports namespaces and Standard headers.  This
    will assist users in writing compiler-agnostic or portable code.

0.33_002 2011-12-20
  [ Patch submitted by BrowserUk, adapted by davido ]
  - Better handling of the '.h' code in Makefile.PL with respect to
    MS-flavor compilers.

0.33_001 2011-12-19
  [ Patch submitted by sysiphus, adapted by davido ]
  - Developer release to verify smoke tests without upsetting v0.33 stable.
  - Reworked Makefile.PL and to test-compile a C++ program containing
    <iostream>.  On success we know that <iostream> style headers are ok.
    On failure we assume that headers should be <iostream.h> instead.
    Removed previous compiler-name based detection in favor of trial method.

0.33 2011-12-08
  [ Patches by David Oswald ]
  - Fixed issue where wasn't able to deal with Parse::RecDescent
    improper handling of "Developer Release" version numbers.
  - Fixed issue with test suite where a test was failing due to C++
    implementation dependent handling of floating point math.
  - Updated version number to 0.33 in and

0.32 2011-12-07
  [ Patches by David Oswald ]
  - Version of Inline::CPP and updated to 0.32.
  - Adjustments to the POD for clarity.
  - Makefile.PL now requires Inline v0.49 to take advantage of the
    patch there that eliminates M18 install errors for Inline plugins.
    This should eliminate the bulk of the smoke test issues.

0.31 2011-11-22
  [ Patches by David Oswald - ]
  - Updated Makefile.PL to include Parse::RecDescent to the PREREQ_PM

0.30 2011-11-13
  [ Applied two patches contributed by sisyphus. ]
  - Maintain backward compatibility with compilers that still require
    the '.h' extension on <iostream>.

0.29 2011-11-12
  [ Patches applied by David Oswald - ]
  - Added code to Makefile.PL so that it will install on Mac OS's.
  - Applied a longstanding type-conversion patch by Sisyphus.

0.28 2011-11-12
  [ Patches applied by David Oswald - ]
  - David Oswald takes over co-maintainership; blame me!
  - - Stop appending '.h' to <iostream>
  - Now it passes its test suite for Windows Vista 64 with Strawberry
    Perl version 5.14.
  - Now it passes its test suite for Ubuntu Linux 11.10 with
    Perl 5.14.

0.27 2003-08-12
  - Repaired the iostream(.h) issue.  A similar patch was later
    applied to v0.28, listed above.
  - This update is not part of the progress chain.

0.26 2003-08-12

0.25 2003-08-12
  [ Accepted two patches from Nicholas Clark ]
  - works with Parse::RecDescent 1.90 and later
  - use g++ in the same path as gcc, if perl was built with gcc
  [ Reported by Anthony Bouvier ]
  - fix a compile error in POD's example code

0.24 2002-05-27
  [ Accepted patch from Sean O'Rourke ]
  - unhandled types ignored, rather than causing an error
  - typenames and identifiers can now include more C++ noise
  - operators are correctly recognized (and ignored)
  - nested classes are ignored
  - non-inline constructor bodies are ignored

0.23 2001-07-15
  - Allow declaration lists: int a, b;
  - Allow initializer lists: Foo(double _o) : o(_o) { }
  - Added a test case for both of these.

0.23 2001-07-07
  - Renamed subs to use Inline::C's new naming scheme. Refactored some
    common code into a new sub named call_or_instantiate().

0.23 2001-07-06
  - Added smart-sense for Sun 2.6 (Solaris 6). Needed to include

0.23 2001-06-20
  - Fixed a grammar bug to allow modifiers on member variables.
  - Added a test case for it.

0.22 2001-06-11
  - Compatible with Inline::0.42 (not backwards compatible).

0.21 2001-06-06
  - Compatible with Inline::0.40 (not backwards compatible).
  - Documentation improvements.

0.20 2001-05-02
  - Made Inline::CPP a subclass of Inline::C. Moved most functionality
    into Inline::C, and trimmed code a lot.
  - Fixed bug in handling of 'LIBS' config option. Added a 'ALTLIBS'
    config option which adds a new element to the list of alternate
  - Added 'PRESERVE_ELLIPSIS' option, which prevents Inline::CPP from
    replacing '...' arguments with nothing.
  - Inline::CPP now works on Cygwin!
  [ Grammar improvements ]
  - Inline functions
  - Inheritance
  - Default parameters: void foo(int a=10, char *b="Hello");
  - Unnamed parameters: void foo(int, char *);
  - Support for public, private and protected scopes
  - 'structs' are now bound just like classes, except the
    default scope is public.
  - Support for no fixed arguments: void foo(...);

0.14 2001-03-13
  - Moved the distribution module from CPP_pm to to get
    Inline::CPP indexed properly.
  - Fixed some minor bugs.

0.13 2001-03-04
  - Added Win32-specific configuration code to add '-TP' flag to compiler
  - Special case for AIX ($Config{so})
  - Added the following configuration options: 'CC', 'LD', 'CCFLAGS', 'LDDLFLAGS', 'MYEXTLIB', and 'MAKE': proxies for the MakeMaker options of the same name.

0.12 2001-01-21
  - Upgraded modules to conform to Inline-0.31
  - Documentation upgrades

0.11 2000-11-23
  - Created Inline::CPP.