Revision history for Perl extension Inline-Ruby.

0.07    2015-05-31
    - Fix the link to the VCS repository.
        - w.r.t the previous version.

0.06    2015-05-30
    - Add the link to the VCS repository.

0.05    2014-04-21
    - Some compatibility with ruby-1.9.x and POD fixes.
        - Add t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t.
    - Fix warnings and failures in recent (5.18.x) perls due to
      redefined packages and methods.
    - Add License and provides.
        - CPANTS Kwalitee.

0.04        2012-09-01
    - Start integrating the patch from for compatibility
        with ruby-1.9.x/etc.
        - Applied it semi-manually to Makefile.PL, and to the .xs and .c files.

0.03    2012-08-09
    - RELEASE: Inline-Ruby-0.03
    - Got the tests to pass with recent perls and Ruby-1.8.7.
    - Some cleanups to and the test suite.
    - Moved under examples/ so it won't interfere.

0.01    2002-01-12
	- RELEASE: Inline-Ruby-0.01
	- Use $Config{path_sep} for splitting $ENV{PATH} in Makefile.PL
	- Exit with an error message if Ruby not found on the PATH.
	- Remove eval_ruby().
	- Add a '\n' to Inline::Ruby::Exception::to_str.
	- Finished documentation.
	- Added supporting #ifdefs for 5.005_03 support