Revision history for Inline::Tcl

0.09:  Initial release compatible with Inline-0.40
       Removed debugging files mydebug.h and

0.08:  Resubitted changes make in 0.07.  Functionally equivilent to 0.05.

0.07:  Backed out of changes make in 0.06

0.06:  Made changes to use new Inline API

0.05:  Removed all dependency on variable parameter function macros from gcc
       Added "Changes" file
       Removed gcc style comments
       Searches for FreeBSD paths for libraries
       Added library compile options for sun-solaris cc compiler (-R...)
       Checks in include paths for valid tcl headers
       Tested on FreeBSD and Linux
0.04:  Fixed dependency on gcc, but still doesn't compile on some systems
       Fixed dependency on tcl distribution, now uses top level API
       Tested on Linux

0.03:  First public release