- 0.25 ... Escape braces {} in t/t_makefile_pl.t and t/t_makefile_pl_pre.t

- 0.23 ... Add 'T' config option.
           Add metadata to InlineX::C2XS Makefile.PL.
           Add Context.pm and demos/context.
           Add PROTOTYPES and PROTOTYPE config options
           Remove t/t_using.t (broken by Inline-C-0.62)

- 0.22 ... Add DIST and MANIF config options.

- 0.19 ... If EXPORT_TAGS_ALL is set, then it's now unnecessary
           to set EXPORT_OK_ALL

- 0.18 ... Add CPPFLAGSEX, BOOT_F and PRE_HEAD config options.

           Add script.in (which generates the c2xs script)

- 0.17 ... Add PREREQ_PM config option

- 0.16 ... Add config option '_TESTING' (and tests)

           Inline pre-requisite version now 0.46_01

           Add config option 'USE'

           Substitution regex added to t_makefile_pl_pre.t and
            t_makefile_pl.t - to cater for recent ActivePerls

- 0.15 ... Add config options EXPORT_ALL, EXPORT_OK_ALL and EXPORT_TAGS_ALL

- 0.14 ... Requires Inline-0.45 or later.

           Add tests for the use of ParseRegExp.pm.

           'USING' now takes either a string or array reference as its value (as
           does the Inline::C equivalent).

           'LIBS' and 'TYPEMAPS' can now optionally be assigned as a (space
           delimited) string or an array reference (same as 'INC'). Previously
           'LIBS' and 'TYPEMAPS' had to be assigned as an array reference.

           'INC' (in the generated Makefile.PL) no longer automatically includes the cwd.

           'TYPEMAPS' (in the generated Makefile.PL) no longer automatically specifies
           the standard perl typemap. (Doing so was annoying and, afaict, unnecessary.)

- 0.13 ... Change the test for the locatability of a specified typemap from a
           '-e' test to a '-f' test.

           Add C2XS-Cookbook.pod

           Minor correction to WRITE_PM

           The C source code can now be alternatively provided by either a
           'CODE' or 'SRC_LOCATION' key.

- 0.12 ... Provide access to ParseRegExp.pm. (Untested, because ParseRegExp.pm
           is broken - see http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=6327 for
           patches to ParseRegExp.pm)

           Can now write a .pm file for you as well

- 0.11 ... Can now provide the optional "4th" (config options) argument
           without *also* having to provide a "3rd" (build directory) argument.
           ie If the third argument is a hash reference, it's assumed to contain
           config options - otherwise it sets the build directory.

           Check that only valid config options have been passed via the "config
           options" argument.

           Catch the error (and die) if a non-existent typemap is specified
           in the TYPEMAPS config option.

           If the specified build_dir does not exist, die(). Previously, a warning
           was issued and the files written to the current working directory.

- 0.10 ... Add coverage for the PREFIX and BOOT options.
           Add coverage for CCFLAGS, LDDLFLAGS, MYEXTLIB and OPTIMIZE (and
           test that they get passed to the generated Makefile.PL) Also check
           that the CC, LD and MAKE parameters are passed on to the
           generated Makefile.PL. Not sure how to utilise FILTERS.
           (I won't do anything with it unless requested.)

- 0.09 ... Rewrite the t_makefile_pl test script. (It's now not a very
           conclusive test ... still needs further work ... though I think
           the WRITE_MAKEFILE_PL functionality is operating correctly.)
           Add coverage (currently untested) for the CC, LD, and MAKE options.
           TODO: Add coverage for BOOT, CCFLAGS, FILTERS, LDDLFLAGS,
           MYEXTLIB, OPTIMIZE and PREFIX options.

- 0.08 ... Rename the module into the InlineX namespace (previously named
           Add coverage for VERSION, LIBS, BUILD_NOISY and
           WRITE_MAKEFILE_PL options.

- 0.07 ... Add coverage for AUTOWRAP, TYPEMAPS, INC and AUTO_INCLUDE.
           The cpp2xs() function is no longer supported by this module.
           Use Inline::CPP2XS instead.

- 0.06 ... Add a demos/cpp folder with a CPP demo.

- 0.05 ... Add Inline::CPP to XS support with the cpp2xs() function.

- 0.04 ... Now hooks into the Inline::C routines that parse the code and write
           the XS file.
           The c2xs() sub now takes an optional 3rd argument (the directory
           into which the XS file gets written).

- 0.03 ... more bugfixes

- 0.02 ... bugfixes

- 0.01 ... born