1.9       2020-01-08 09:37:12-08:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Changed to higher version because PAUSE doesn't deal with 3-level version numbers.

1.8.1     2020-01-08 09:25:50-08:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Changed directory case to match package name.

1.8       2020-01-06 08:37:54-08:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Added custom field support to update_issue().
    (Patch provided by Mike Svendsen <msven.dev@gmail.com>.)

1.7       2018-04-10 13:54:02-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Fixed custom field conversion for non-hash fields.
    (Patch provided by Andreas Mager <amager@barracuda.com>.)
    Fixed output of error messages to handle non-JSON output.
    (Patch based on code from Ivan E. Panchenko <panchenko@cpan.org>.)
    Changed copyright holder. Polyvore has gone out of business.
    Updated links to JIRA documentation.

1.6       2016-08-21 21:44:44+00:00 UTC
    Added translation of customfields to and from their assigned names.
    Added offline mocked tests. (Now requires JSON::XS, Test::MockModule, and Data::Dump.)
    (Patch provided by Neil Hemingway <hemingway@cpan.org>.)

1.5       2016-05-30 19:09:05+00:00 UTC
    Added support for worklogs.
    (Based on a patch provided by Roy Lyons <Roy.Lyons@cmegroup.com>.)

1.4       2016-05-30 17:56:25+00:00 UTC
    Added option to not use username and password, for people using GSSAPI
    or other authentication methods.
    Allow using URLs like "http://foo.com/jira/rest/api/some_version" too.
    (Patches provided by Zhenyi Zhou <zhenyz@cpan.org>.)

1.3.1     2016-01-12 02:47:50+00:00 UTC
    Fixed typo in documentation.
    (Patch provided by Frank Schophuizen <Frank.Schophuizen@philips.com>.)

1.3       2015-04-26 21:46:10-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Added option to close_issue() using a different transition, mainly for localization issues.
    (Patch provided by Ivan E. Panchenko <panchenko@cpan.org>.)

1.2       2015-02-16 22:25:05-08:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Added option to return a different set of fields from search_issues().
    Added a new method to get issue comments.
    Added support for linking issues.
    Added convenience methods for adding and removing labels.
    Added the ability to add watchers to an issue.
    Updated POD a little.
    (Based on patches from Ivan E. Panchenko <panchenko@cpan.org>.)

    Added a new method to change the assignee for an issue.
    (Patch provided by José Antonio Perez Testa <japtesta@gmail.com>.)

1.1       2014-07-13 19:04:36-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Added support for custom fields in create_issue().
    Changed to allow multiple potential transitions in transition_issue().
    Made error reporting more informative.
    Added new trace() method for even more debugging.
    Refactored all requests to use a single internal request method.
    Extended and unified handling of update hashes.
    Formatting fixes in POD.
    (Patches provided by Tim Bunce <timb@cpan.org>.)

1.05      2014-03-31 19:24:19-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Added create_subtask() method to create subtasks easily.
    Refactored create_issue() to share code with create_subtask().
    (Based on a patch from Zhuang (John) Li <7humblerocks@gmail.com>.)

1.04      2014-02-24 10:50:51-08:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Stupid case-insensitive filesystems and stupid implementations of git
    that re-case directories upon download. grrrrrr
    Re-uploading with "JIRA" in all caps so it'll work again. Sorry y'all!

1.03      2014-02-21 20:50:45-08:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Modified module to use authorization_basic() instead of in-URL passwords.
    Added dependency on LWP::Protocol::https to allow secure connections.
    Added ua() function to allow users to add in proxy information.
    (Based on patches from Dominique Dumont <ddumont@cpan.org>.)
    Updated copyright date and minor documentation fixes.

1.02      2013-09-06 13:03:47 America/Los_Angeles
    Updated distribution package for better CPANTS score.
    Fixed "use of uninitialized value $1 in substitution iterator" when using non-HTTPS URLs.
    Perltidy is my friend.

1.01      2013-08-22 21:47:59 America/Los_Angeles
    Fixed distribution metadata to require perl-5.10.0.

1.00      2013-08-21 21:16:29 America/Los_Angeles
    First public version.