Revision history for perl module JIRA-REST. -*- text -*-

0.020     2019-11-02 23:13:42-03:00 America/Sao_Paulo


  - Some fixes, a new reference to JIRA::REST::OAuth, a new example script
    showing how to add a comment.

0.019     2018-07-28 18:00:17-03:00 America/Sao_Paulo


  - JIRA::REST now requires at least Perl 5.10. Previously it required Perl
    5.8. A new section in the documentation explains our Perl and Jira
    compatibility Policy.


  - William Carr fixed the sub_error routine teaching it yet another way Jira
    can pass error messages back.


  - Lisa Hare graciously contributed some example scripts which can be found on
    the 'examples' directory.

  - All mentions of 'JIRA' were changed to 'Jira', following the change
    Atlassian made in all of its site and documentation.

0.018     2017-05-30 09:38:37-03:00 America/Sao_Paulo


  - Strip trailing slashes from JIRA's URL to avoid 404 errors.

  - Make sure UTF-8-encoded filenames are preserved when attached to JIRA.

  - Correct the github-repository-uri in the metadata.

0.017     2017-01-06 15:47:28-02:00 America/Sao_Paulo


  - Fix attach_file() method which was broken on v0.016.

0.016     2016-12-26 22:48:03-02:00 America/Sao_Paulo (TRIAL RELEASE)

  [New features]

  - Add support for all JIRA REST API's: JIRA Core, JIRA ServiceDesk, and
    JIRA Software.

  - Add a new-style of parameter passing for the constructor, via a hash

  - Add support for anonymous REST interaction with JIRA.

  - Add support for a new REST::Client configration extension to turn off
    SSL verification.


  - Add missing META.json file to the distribution.


  - Add a few tests against that can be performed
    anonymously during release.


  - The 'proxy' key to the REST::Client hash is deprecated in favor of the
    new homonymous constructor parameter.

0.015     2016-12-02 14:08:34-02:00 America/Sao_Paulo


  - [RT#119092] v0.014 introduced an error making the constructor reject
    URLs ending in slash.

0.014     2016-11-23 07:27:52-02:00 America/Sao_Paulo

  [New feature]

  - JIRA::REST now supports the JIRA Software REST API and the JIRA Service
    Desk REST API in addition to the JIRA Core REST API with a minimal
    change. How cool is that!?

    Many thanks Evan Brown for such a nice idea.


  - Downgrade Perl version requirement from 5.10 to 5.8.8 to enable use on
    older Perls.

0.013     2016-11-22 16:01:45-02:00 America/Sao_Paulo

  [New feature]

  - Add support for getting username and password from Config::Identity,
    which supports gpg encrypted credentials.

0.012     2016-01-15 22:16:02-02:00 America/Sao_Paulo


  - Remove dependency on Data::Util.

0.011     2015-05-21 19:10:57-03:00 America/Sao_Paulo

  [New feature]

  - Add support for connecting to JIRA via a HTTP proxy.


  - Recognize and output JIRA errors produced in XML format.

0.010     2014-11-08 12:54:50 America/Sao_Paulo

  [New features]

  - Add utility method 'attach_files'.


  - Prints any textual error message, not just of types text/plain and

0.009     2014-09-09 20:32:15 America/Sao_Paulo


  - Fix the set_search_iterator/next_issue pair of methods.


  - The iterators now use JIRA's own default (which is 50) when the
    'maxResults' argument isn't set. Previously our default was set to 256.

0.008     2014-09-06 19:14:06 America/Sao_Paulo


  - Show every detail in JIRA error messages. Some of which weren't being
    shown before. (Thanks to Michael Kröll for the tip.)

0.006     2014-08-16 20:50:07 America/Sao_Paulo


  - Suppress script line numbers from error messages.

  - Released on #cpanday.

0.005     2014-08-07 20:25:14 America/Sao_Paulo


  - New utility methods 'set_search_iterator' and 'next_issue' make it
    easier to iterate through large sets of issues without having to deal
    with "pagination".

  - Error messages are not presented in a consistent format. JIRA errors are
    parsed and presented in a legible way.

0.004     2013-12-14 14:54:06 America/Sao_Paulo


  - [RT-91368] Some resource responses contain no content but specify
    a Content-Type. Those were being considered errors. Now they
    simply return undef.

  - When a resource response contains a content but doesn't specify a
    Content-Type it's an error. Previously it was returning undef.

0.003     2013-09-03 17:32:02 America/Sao_Paulo
  - Fix code in documentation.

0.002     2013-05-31 14:50:44 America/Sao_Paulo

  - Fix URL mangling in new.

0.001     2013-05-31 08:52:14 America/Sao_Paulo