0.06  2008-11-07

- Test changes only. Fixed dependencies.t so it passes on Win32.

0.05  2007-07-04

* Changed caching of dependencies so that it is done in individual
  objects, rather than in the class. This makes it easier to force
  reparsing for dependencies, because now you can simply make a new
  object, which effectively flushes the cache.

0.04  2007-03-04

- Added a new method, files(), to support creating a single combined
  Javascript file on the server side.

0.03  2006-10-2005

- Added missing prereqs to Build.PL - Params::Validate and
  JSAN::Parse::FileDeps.  Reported by Stephen Adkins.

- Switched from HTML::Location to URI::ToDisk (same module, new name).

0.02  2005-08-27

- Constructor now requires both a js_dir and uri_prefix parameter.

- Use HTML::Location under the hood for path generation.

0.01  2005-08-27

- Initial release