TYPESTER / JSON-Types-0.05 / Changes

Revision history for Perl extension JSON::Types

0.05 2012-10-17T13:35:40+09:00
     - workaround perl SEGV (perlbug #115206) on Makefile.PL

0.04 2012-09-05T15:41:58+09:00
     - avoid to use 'return;' it might cause unexpected list shrinking. (gfx++)

0.03 2012-09-05T11:52:27+09:00
     - cange bool(undef) behaviour, bool(undef) returns false instead of undef

0.02 2012-09-05T11:37:58+09:00
     - define behaviours to unexpected arguments

0.01 2012-09-03T20:16:04+09:00
     - initial version

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