Fri Dec 20 16:30:31 GMT 2002
0.04 - added in the pod documentation for Jabber::NADs and Jabber::pkt.
     - added in missing XS files NADs.xs and pkt.xs
     - rejigged the perl Makefile.PL process to cope with either the jabberd2
       checked out of cvs or the release candidates such as

Sun Dec 22 12:57:03 GMT 2002
0.05 - added various functions to Jabber::NADs for getting element and attribute
       values, and for finding children elements, and the list of attributes
       of a given node (element)
Thu Jul  7 09:35:38 BST 2005
0.06 - applied patches supplied by Christopher Zorn to make the build work for j2.0s8
     - fixed an old bug with build where make was picking up Perls config.h instead
       of jabberd2s
     - for the moment - I have removed jadperl from the build, and concentrated on
       mod_perl for sm - my thinking is that there are so many Perl implementations
       for building components and clients that I should focus on the core

Wed Jul 27 08:39:21 BST 2005
0.07 - applied patches supplied by Christopher Zorn for problem wih dup() in pkt
       where it doesnt handle blank from and tos

Tue Dec 13 07:06:39 GMT 2005
0.08 - add two new methods for adding to CDATA of a given element - append_cdata_head(),
       and append_cdata_tail() on Jabber::NAD.

Wed Dec 21 10:16:35 GMT 2005
0.10 - Added nad_replace_cdata_head(), and nad_replace_cdata_tail().  These complement the nad_append_cdata* methods.
     - added support for nearly all the module chain events - support list is now:
    * sess-start
    * sess-end
    * in-sess
    * out-sess
    * in-router
    * out-router
    * pkt-sm
    * pkt-user
    * pkt-router
  Refer to the sample modules in the examples subdirectory, and the sm.xml file for the config.

Fri Dec 30 15:30:38 GMT 2005
0.15 - Corrected problem with $nad->find_scoped_namespace() where an empty prefix was not 
		 - Fixed $nad->elem() so that it now correctly finds an element given the context of a 
		 - Added $pkt->create() - this enables the creation of a new packet in the context of the 
		   current packets session.
		 Refer to the examples/ for a good overview of packet handling and creation.