Revision history for Perl module Java::JVM::Classfile

0.29 Thu Dec 27 21:26:47 CET 2007
    - implement interfaces and fields with new features class and
      test (patches by Vadim Beilin)

0.19 Sun May 19 18:33:15 BST 2002
	- new perl.t test which generates Perl code from the example
          class files, runs them, and compares them with the expected
        - more patches by Amit Guha: method to reads floats from the
          IEEE format and 2-word operations ([dl]load, [dl]store) work
          by simulating their effect on stacks i.e. loads are followed
          by a push @stack, 0 and stores are preceded by a pop @stack.
          Complicates the code but this is the only way to make it 
          work in all cases.   

0.18 Mon May 13 21:54:22 BST 2002
	- new Ackermann example / tests
	- Java::JVM::Classfile::Perl can now cope with ifne op and can
	  send more than one parameter to a subroutine)
	- added patches by Amit Guha to make ::Perl support multi-parameter
          method calls and initial double / float / long functionality

0.17 Tue Apr 16 16:25:43 GMT 2002
	- support for int type
	- support for sipush opcode
	- new spin and fibo tests

0.16 Sat Dec 15 15:57:06 GMT 2001
	- added support for iinc, newarray opcodes
	- new Java::JVM::Classfile::Perl which converts JVM
	instructions to Perl code (with major limitations of course,
	try ./ Bench.class). Can only pass in one argument to
	subroutines at the moment, and probably need to write the
	whole of the Java class libraries in Perl...

0.15 Thu Oct 25 11:39:05 BST 2001
	- much more robust bytecode parser which parses more bytecodes
	and copes with branches and labels (new Bench.class and bench.t)
	- support for LineNumberTable attribute (and docs & tests)

0.14 Thu Oct 18 19:10:13 BST 2001
	- added bytecode parser (see Code attribute)

0.12 Mon Oct  8 12:22:43 BST 2001
	- created and released first version